Frogger Arcade Game Greenlit for Humans Navigating Obstacle Course Competition Game Show on Peacock

Some projects just make me LOL. Really, they are going to turn the classic arcade game Frogger into a competition game show with human beings running an obstacle course. This sounds crazy, potentially interesting and/or mind-numbingly stupid.

The series will feature 12 obstacle courses, or crossings, seeing contestants dodging traffic, leaping over snapping gators and hopping over hungry hippos to conquer the course and win a cash prize. NBCUniversal has some history with Frogger, which was the subject of a popular Seinfeld episode in 1998.

‘Frogger’ Arcade Game Leaps Into TV With Competition Series At Peacock – Deadline

I remember Netflix doing a Floor is Lava competition show in 2020, so who knows, maybe this will turn into American Gladiators meets Frogger?

Will you be tuning in to check out this odd experimental show? Or zero interest and curiosity?

Cinemark Passes on Screening Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon, AMC and others Will Play

We’ll be seeing Raya and The Last Dragon at an AMC theater in the area, but if you only have a Cinemark theater open in your area and want to see it, then you’ll have to pay the $30 premium fee and watch on Disney+. Cinemark couldn’t come to acceptable rental terms with the studio.

How can an exhibitor be cool with Warner Bros. day-and-date theatrical HBO Max titles, and not a Disney+ PVOD title? Essentially I hear from sources that Disney remained quite tough on their terms for Raya. If exhibition didn’t like the terms, well, then they don’t have to play the movie. On the flip side, I hear that Warners on their recent HBO Max titles, i.e. Wonder Woman 1984, Judas and the Black Messiah, The Little Things and Tom & Jerry lowered their rental terms

Cinemark Won’t Be Playing Disney’s ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’: Here’s Why – Deadline

Disney might be a giant studio, but this action shows theater chains will still balk at rental pricing and terms. This isn’t about the day and date release, clearly. While we would side with the studio in most these cases, not this one. Studios should want to show their movies at a fair price, especially if they are going to release on their streaming channel simultaneously.

Raya and the Last Dragon will still be screening in 2,000+ theaters on opening weekend in the United States. That’s a good amount of screens all things considered.

Are you planning on seeing this movie?

Disney+ Adds Offensive Content Warning to 18 Episodes of The Muppet Show

Recently, Disney+ added all five season of The Muppet Show. The last two seasons were not as easy to see anywhere, so this is a cool add. They’ve also added offensive content warnings to some of the episodes.

Variety reported the disclaimer has been added to a total of 18 episodes throughout the show’s five seasons, including those guest hosted by Jim Nabors, Joel Grey, Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Cleo Laine, James Coco, Spike Milligan, Crystal Gayle, Kenny Rogers, Beverly Sills, Jonathan Winters, Alan Arkin, James Coburn, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Debbie Harry, Wally Boag and Marty Feldman. The disclaimer appears at the beginning of these episodes for 12 seconds.

Disney+ gives ‘The Muppet Show’ an ‘offensive content’ disclaimer before select episodes | Fox Business

Things like Johnny Cash playing near the confederate flag are what likely generated this disclaimer at the beginning of some episodes. What about the Swedish chef? He was one of my favorite characters, but does his characterization insult Swedish people?

Not sure it’s a very encouraging sign when we need to have disclaimers put on Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show, but suppose this is 2021, where seemingly everything that happened in the past requires condemnation or explanation.

Kevin Michael Richardson to voice Dr. Hibbert instead of Harry Shearer on The Simpsons

Black actors voicing black characters instead of white actors harkens back to the Simsons’ Apu situation last year (see: Hank Azaria No Longer Voice of Apu on The Simpsons possibly being replaced by Indian Actor = Insanity)

Harry Shearer, who is white, will no longer voice the black character Dr. Hibbert. He’ll be replaced by Kevin Michael Richardson (“Bless the Harts”) in next Sunday’s episode, “Wad Goals.” Shearer has voiced Springfield’s most skilled doctor — in contrast to Hank Azaria’s incompetent Dr. Nick — since 1990. He also voices Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner,

Harry Shearer no longer voicing black ‘Simpsons’ character

Over 30 years Harry Shearer has been voicing Dr. Hibbert. He will continue to voice other characters, he’s not being completely replaced. I guess this creates an opportunity for another actor to get paid, as Shearer doesn’t need the money, but have all kinds of mixed emotions on this. Will Richardson sound like Shearer? That’s the bottom line, regardless of skin color. Dr. Hibbert is a very established character and replacing a seasoned voice actor short of that person’s death in this circumstance sounds risky.

This isn’t an issue of race as far as viewers are concerned, anyway. If Richardson can pull off a great imitation of Dr. Hibbert, then viewers will be none the wiser. Viewers are familiar with what Dr. Hibbert sounds like.

Maybe they will just kill off Dr. Hibbert and make the all thing moot. Or maybe they’ll make fun of the change. Dr. Hibbert has a voice change, why?! Maybe he goes to a doctor to learn why? Fourth wall breakdown, folks.

What do you think? No big deal? Good, bad?

Too Soon For A Wizard Of Oz Remake?

Considering the iconic Judy Garland vehicle was released in 1939, the title question might seem absurd. It’s been 80+ years, but there will never, ever, ever be another Judy Garland.

Renee Zellweger did a pretty decent version of her in Judy, that might be the closest we’ll get to a talented actress that can sing, but even she wasn’t Judy Garland.

Whether you think this is a great idea or a terrible one, it’s coming and it won’t even be a musical.

No, really.

Kassell’s version will not be a musical. New Line said it will be a “fresh take” and a “reimagining” of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” It will have some advantages, too, since Warner Bros. owns New Line and the 1939 film. That means it can use some trademarked elements like the ruby slippers.

‘Wizard of Oz’ Remake In The Works | Billboard

How can a Wizard of Oz movie not be a musical?!?!

Ben Mezrich’s The Antisocial Network based on Gamestop Reddit and Wall Street Conflict Optioned

21 ⭐️⭐️ (2008)

You might have seen 21, it’s based on a group of very, very smart college students who form an elaborate card counting group. It’s an adaptation of a much better book by Ben Mezrich called Bringing Down The House: The Inside Story of The Six MIT Students who Took Vegas for Millions.

(Yeah, the title way too long)

We’ll get to the Mezrich tie-in shortly.

An update on the recent subreddit vs. Wall Street over Gamestop stock situation is in order: a Hollywood buying the story update, that is.

Hollywood already has its sights set on the wild story with a familiar face looking to tell it. Sources tell Deadline that following a competitive situation, MGM has acquired the book proposal The Antisocial Network from New York Times best-selling author Ben Mezrich, which tells one of the biggest news stories of the year, about a ragtag group of amateur investors, gamers, and internet trolls who brought Wall Street to its knees. Even though the story is barely a week old, insiders say Mezrich and his reps took the proposal on the market at the end of the week and by Friday night MGM had moved fast to acquire the rights.

MGM To Make Movie About Wall Street Chaos Over GameStop Stock – Deadline

Not only is Mezrich hot on the case of writing a book, the story is already optioned for a movie. How long and/or if it languished in COVID-era production hell is anybody’s guess, but it seems with plenty of streaming channels hungry for content, this movie will get made sooner than later.

Does this sound like a movie you’re interested in watching someday?

Disney Has Had Enough – Gina Carino Out From The Mandalorian over Social Media Activity

Gina, Gina, Gina. I don’t know this person at all beyond her appearance in The Mandalorian. Didn’t see any of her MMA fights, haven’t seen her acting in any other roles. She’s just another supporting actor in a show I’ve been interested in. That’s it.

But if I did know her, my advice privately, offline, would have been to curtail posting inflammatory subject matter on her social media. After all, she posts stuff, then gets a negative reaction, and takes it down anyway. So what was the point of posting it to begin with, if you only take it down later?

These days an increasing number of businesses have lower tolerance for social media account activities that cause customers to rise up against them. It’s not just social media, though, it’s all online activity. Check your employee handbooks, friendly readers. It’s probably there. It seeks to limit what you say and do online, especially with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Insta, but not only those.

Not our place to tell Gina Carano to talk about something less divisive, nor do we want to incite the online mob mentality, but we tried to look at the situation from a common sense perspective (see: Hey Star Wars Hardcore Fans, Stop Trying To Get People Fired For Being Ignorant on Social Media). That older post was one of the most popular in search engine traffic the past few days when news broke that Disney is no longer working with Gina Carano on The Mandalorian.

Despite the influx of new readers, nobody decided to leave any new comments. That could mean something or nothing, Just guessing that some agreed, some disagreed but most probably didn’t care that much (or didn’t think what she said was that bad — a reader left that exact comment, btw). It was a curiosity of a news story, perhaps follow some links and read for and against opinions and then move on.

If only Gina Carano understood better how transitory “influence” is online. You can say or do something inflammatory and gain short term eyeballs and interest, sure, but how many of these people will stick around and engage you longer term? Life will be lonely online if you seek this sort of attention, Gina. It will.

It doesn’t matter if the comments being made, the opinions being shared, are crazy, cool, wrong, right, etc. It only matters that somebody these companies do business with, employs and/or associates with, how it makes them look if they don’t do something to change this relationship.

If you thought Gina Carano was going to back down after Disney has thrown in the towel on working with her, you’d be wrong.

“I am sending out a direct message of hope to everyone living in fear of cancellation by the totalitarian mob,” Carano said. “I have only just begun using my voice which is now freer than ever before, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

Dana White weighs in on Gina Carano controversy: ‘Leave Gina alone’ – MMA Fighting

Lest we forget that Carano is a fighter by trade. Her original job was taking kicks and punches to the face. Acting is just one of many things she has done since she stepped out of the ring. It’s her way to keep on fighting.

Fighting online is something Carano is by no means afraid of doing.

Where now does The Mandalorian go with Cara Dune, the character? There could be recasting, which has been happening in movies and TV shows for many years. Long before we had social media, blogging — anything online.

This is no different. The characters, the media, the IP can and will continue. Gina Carano doesn’t have to play Cara Dune to still have a very viable Cara Dune in The Mandalorian.

Actors — regardless how much or little we like them in certain roles — are expendable. Sure, there will be fallout from Gina Carano fans, but the reality is corporations have an itchy trigger finger in 2021 for those they associate with and their online activity. Heck, some recruiting screening before employees are offered interviews, much less employment, involves googling online presence: good, bad, ugly, whatever. Not telling anybody what to say and do online, but keeping this in mind — especially if you’re looking for a new job — is wise.

Good luck to you, Gina Carano. Whatever you do next. I enjoyed your minor role in The Mandalorian. Honestly, I don’t care that much if the character reappears or not on the series. Do you?

Predictably, fallout from Disney’s move has angered Carano supporters. Some are organizing canceling Disney+ drives. No, we aren’t going to cancel Disney+, a service we keep mostly for our grandchildren, because Disney made a business decision not to associate with Gina Carano any more. That just seems silly. To me, anyway.

As the years go on, it’s too much drama around social media that drives my waning interest in even logging into these chat platforms, much less regularly using them. I think what the famous Van Halen drummer and his late guitarist brother said is worth considering (see; Alex Van Halen Reminds That Not Everybody Cares About Social Media).

I am more interested in season three of The Mandalorian. Will it be as good as the first two seasons? How will the new Boba Fett series tie-in?

Goldman Family Only Paid $132,000 of $70 million debt owed by OJ Simpson

The Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Guess the lesson here is even if you win a judgment, good luck in collecting it from some people.

You’d think collecting a debt from someone like OJ Simpson (see: Remember O.J Simpson promoting in 1978: “Nobody Does It Better Than Hertz”? In 2020 Hertz Filing For Bankruptcy) that played Nordberg — a cop, lol, on The Naked Gun — would be easier than some random person.

Somehow OJ Simpson has been able to evade paying much to the Goldman family over the court award of $30 million, and 20+ years it’s ballooned with interest to over $70 million.

Come on, OJ, pay your freaking bills, man.

More than 20 years ago, in 1997, OJ Simpson was found liable for the wrongful death of Ron Goldman and ordered to pay a $33.5 million judgment to the Goldman family. Now, TMZ reports that Fred Goldman has filed legal documents in Simpson’s adopted home state of Nevada claiming that he’s only gotten about $132,000 from Simpson in all that time.

Fred Goldman Says OJ Simpson Still Owes Him $70M, Has Only Paid $132,000 | Celebrity Net Worth

In fairness, OJ was in prison for a memorabilia robbery heist gone bad for part of the time, but he could “only” come up with $132,000 in all this time? If we divide $132,000 by 14 years that equals $9,428.57 per year on average. Not very much for someone like OJ. One would think, anyway. He has no means to pay back any more of this debt than that?

OJ’s pension is not something the debtors can attach, from what we understand, so that explains part of it. OJ doesn’t have a regular job with wages that can be attached either, so again, he’s shielded there too.

Fred Goldman, father of slain Ronald Goldman will continue to pursue the payment of this debt — through all legal channels — until dirt is poured over him. And good for him on that.

I don’t understand why OJ doesn’t get creative and work off this debt. Sure, he says he’s innocent, but not of paying this debt. Instead, dude plays golf and makes social media posts.

Can’t see how anybody cares for OJ Simpson any longer.

1,000 People Polled About Whether or Not Amazon or Netflix Should Buy AMC

Neither Amazon or Netflix need to burn up money buying debt-ridden AMC

Am already on the record here that AMC should not be bought by Amazon or Netflix. This isn’t my way of saying that I want AMC to fail, no, but would rather see them pull themselves out of debt and rebound.

Periodically, I’ll come across studies and polls where people are asked about this very topic. In this one, investors are polled.

Many respondents were adamant the theater business wasn’t working financially before the pandemic, isn’t working now and won’t work anytime in the near term. Another argument from traders and investors was it’s likely cheaper, and just makes more sense from a marketing perspective, for Netflix and Amazon to start a new theater company altogether than bothering to rescue AMC and their outstanding debt through an M&A deal.

AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC), Amazon (AMZN), NetFlix (NFLX) – Should Amazon Or Netflix Try To Acquire AMC In 2021? | Benzinga

The main reason this idea is financially illogical is laid out in the article quoted above: debt! Why should either successful company incur AMC massive debt load when they can simply pick off the better theater locations for their own movie theater business.

I’ve previously suggested both companies cherry pick the best locations, so they can promote, market and screen their original movies and other studios. They wouldn’t have to listen to the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) egocentric views that streaming is some kind of red-headed stepchild of movie watching.

We both like streaming and while we’d rather watch new movies in a theater first, we recognize and appreciate the convenience of being able to watch movies at home as well. We believe that movies should be available to watch wherever people want to watch them: theater, home, on the go, whatever.

FIRST LOOK: Judas And The Black Messiah Movie (2021)

Here comes #3 of 17 in the Warner Bros. strategy to release movies in both theaters and on HBO Max for the first month.

Chairman Fred Hampton was 21 years old when he was assassinated by the FBI, who coerced a petty criminal, William O’Neal, to betray him and the Black Panther Party. In 1968, Hampton became Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, who were fighting for freedom, the power to determine the destiny of the Black community, and an end to police brutality. Hampton was inspiring a generation, which put him directly in the line of fire of the FBI and Chicago PD. To destroy the revolution, they had to do it from both the outside and the inside. Facing prison, O’Neal is offered a deal by the FBI: if he will infiltrate the Black Panthers and provide intel on Hampton, he will walk free. O’Neal lives in fear that his treachery will be discovered even as he rises in the ranks. But as Hampton’s fiery message draws him in, he cannot escape the deadly trajectory of his betrayal.

Everything You Need to Know About Judas And The Black Messiah Movie (2021)

Official trailer:

Judas And The Black Messiah will be available in theaters and on HBO Max on February 12, 2021.