Lord of the Greens: Amazon’s $450 Million First Season of Lord of the Rings

In the midst of a pandemic, money tight for many people, but what does the neverending fountain of cash that is Amazon do? Spend hundreds of millions making a Lord of the Rings TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Amazon will spend roughly NZ$650 million — $465 million in U.S. dollars — for just the first season of the show.

That’s far above previous reported estimates that pegged the fantasy drama as costing an already record-breaking $500 million for multiple seasons of the show.

Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to Cost $465M for Just One Season

Amazon has previously stated the first season will be eight episodes. That puts an average cost of $60+ million per TV episode. For a streaming channel.

Disney is spending a lot on each episode of The Mandalorian too, so Amazon aren’t the only ones dipping into the cash register.

We’re talking about Amazon here. $465 million are loose change in the couch for them, but it sets a bar pretty high for streaming TV series. Sure, it’s a major IP and they’re probably thinking it needs to be another Game of Thrones, but … well, spend that tech money, I guess.

Are you looking forward to watching this new Lord of the Rings TV series on Amazon Prime? A release date has not been announced as of this posting.

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