WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND #16 of 2021 Movie and TV Streaming Picks – Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Shudder

Netflix: April 16

Weekend #16 of 52 (4/15 – 4/18/2021) for 2021 Picks By Streaming Service

Let’s hope this is the start of us back on track for this being published on Thursdays, because as friendly reader, Jo, pointed out last weekend, this is less useful for others if/when it’s posted later than Thursday.

However, fair warning going forward, it may still be posted later in the weekend and maybe sometimes not at all if the day job keeps me away.

We both love watching movies, and this is our weekly reference, too, of what we want to watch and/or what’s new on the various streaming channels, so it remains a useful guide we want and kind of need too.


*Title with asterisk – newly released
Title is linked and has star rating – already watched, rated and reviewed
Title bolded – on our schedule to watch/rewatch, rate and review (or in progress)

NOTE: If you’re coming to these posts weeks or months later, some and/or all of the picks listed below may no longer be on the streaming services indicated. Anything marked as “Original” typically doesn’t expire on the streaming services.


  1. *Dad Stop Embarrassing Me (Apr 14)
  2. *Law School
  3. *The Soul
  4. *Why Did You Kill Me?
  5. *Dark City Beneath The Beat (Apr 15)
  6. *The Master
  7. *Ride or Die
  8. *Synchronic (Apr 16)
  9. Arlo The Alligator Boy
  10. Crimson Peak
  11. Into The Beat
  12. Rush
  13. Why Are You Like This?
  14. The Zookeeper’s Wife


  1. *The Circle – Season 2 (Apr 14)
  2. *Fast and Furious Spy Racers: Season 4: Mexico (Apr 16)

Disney+ Movies & TV

  1. *Big Shot (Apr 16)
  2. *Earth Moods
  3. *Treasure Buddies
  4. *White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
  5. *National Geographic: Earth Moods Volume I
  6. *Primal Survivor (S5)
  7. *The Kid Who Would Be King
  8. *RIO


  1. *Infinity Train, Max Original Season 4 Premiere (Apr 15)
  2. The Dark Knight Rises (Apr 17)
  3. Mare of Easttown, Limited Series Premiere (Apr 18)

Amazon Prime Video

  1. *Burden – 2020 (Apr 14)
  2. Cézanne Et Moi -2017
  3. Terror’s Advocate – 2007
  4. Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (Apr 16)
  5. Somewhere (2010)
  6. Wander (2020)
  7. Side Effects (Apr 18)


  1. *Fly Like A Girl – 2020 (Apr 16)
  2. Songbird – 2020
  3. Modern Persuasion – 2020)   
  4. Thelma – 2017


  1. *The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs (Apr 16)

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