Star Trek First Contact Celebration Monday April 5, 2021 Features Movies, Panels and More

Star Trek: First Contact ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

What is April 5, you ask? In Star Trek terms, it’s where we first encounter aliens. It happens a mere 42 years from now. With any luck, I’ll still be breathing — well into my 90s, but hey, here to see if there is any truth in fiction.

Yes, we’ve come across the birthday celebration of First Contact Day: April 5, 2021. Today on a celebration of this historic day in Star Trek lore.

April 5—42 years from now—it’s “First Contact Day” in the Star Trek universe. It’s the day that, give or take some attempted intervention by the Borg, humanity’s Zefram Cochrane meets Vulcans for the first time, catapulting humanity into a galactic standard way beyond Earth. To mark the momentous day, we can expect…some news? On Monday, Star Trek’s official website and CBS will host an all-day marathon and panels covering the franchise’s past and future. For viewers in the United States, celebrations kick off at 12 p.m. Eastern

Star Trek First Contact Day to Bring Marathons and Prodigy News

Keep your eyes peeled on today. They have a full roster of events and activities starting at noon ET (GMT-5).

It would be a good day today to catch up on some Star Trek. If you have Paramount+, you can catch up on all things Star Trek, including the newest animated series: Star Trek: Lower Decks (not recommended), which we reviewed some of the first season, or Star Trek: Picard (also, not recommended), or even better, relive the best to date animated Star Trek series (very much recommended!) that we’ve been reviewing Saturdays — and will come to a close with the last of the 22 episodes this coming Saturday 4/10/2021: The Counter-Clock Incident.

Even if you don’t have Paramount+ and/or no desire to subscribe, other streaming channels do have some Star Trek. Netflix still streams Star Trek: The Original Series (all 3 seasons), Star Trek: The Next Generation (all 7 seasons), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (7 seasons), Star Trek: Voyager (7 seasons) and Star Trek: Enterprise (4 seasons). Amazon Prime Video also streams some, if not all (I didn’t fully check) these TV series.

I’ve seen all of some of these series episodes and only some of others. I’ve seen all of the Star Trek movies to date, although I don’t think I’ve reviewed all of them yet (again, didn’t check). Since they aren’t making new Star Trek that I’m as excited about right now, I’ll probably keep working through the older stuff. Haven’t completely given up hope on new Star Trek, though.

What about you? Will you be watching anything Star Trek oriented today? Will you be celebrating First Contact day?.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek First Contact Celebration Monday April 5, 2021 Features Movies, Panels and More

    1. Actually the list of episodes they are highlighting is like 50-60% older stuff. At least from what I saw. I was interested enough to post this. Check out the link for the schedule of episodes from the various series being highlighted. Yes, there are some new stuff (Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, etc) but the rest is from Rick Berman era and before.


      1. Given what has come out in recent years I have lost interest in new Star Trek and at one point in my life I was a Trek fanatic. I have even been to conventions. It is style over substance and worse the fandom has become nasty. Heck, even some of the newer actors act like jerks towards the fans. It has all driven me away.

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