DC Comics for Sale? The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Might Be Interested, Among Others

Harley Quinn comforts Batgirl on the Harley Quinn Animated Series — Season 3 is under development

It’s no secret, and not too much of a stretch to believe that AT&T isn’t that interested in being in the comic business any more. At least to the extent of publishing comics. They want to hang onto the more valuable IP for movie, TV and videogames based on DC characters, but the comics? Not so much.

So who might be interested in buying DC comics? Comic book business veteran, Ethan Van Sciver claims to have sources that suggest potential DC Comics interested buyers.

Ethan Van Sciver, who recently received credit for thanks in Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, offered that sources have filled him in that two individuals in the comic book business are interested in buying DC Comics, which includes The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and Diamond Distributors founder Steve Geppi (the writer of the Bleeding Cool article tweeted it’s not Todd McFarlane).

Robert Kirkman Rumored To Buy DC Comics | Cosmic Book News

This is all part of the rumor mill at this point, but definitely would like to see somebody buy DC Comics and keep making comic books.

Would you like to see Batman vs. The Walking Dead? Harley Quinn crushing undead skulls with her mallet?


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