WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND #13 of 2021 Movie and TV Streaming Picks – Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Hulu, Shudder

Netflix: Mar 26

Weekend #13 of 52 (3/25 – 3/28/2021) for 2021 Picks By Streaming Service

The last weekend of the month is not without new movies and TV shows coming out. Notably, Bad Trip, which tried to make an appearance in theaters, but another movie sidelined by the pandemic.

And then it was accidentally released by Amazon Prime Video on April 17, 2020. It got taken down, but not before pirates copied it and released on illegal back channels. Then it sold to Netflix and fast forward to March 26, when it will make it’s first official, non-accidental release.

If you’re thinking, wow, what a bad trip, that title works on many levels. I don’t know how good the movie will be, but have to check it out for the bizarre release history alone.


*Title with asterisk – newly released
Title is linked and has star rating – already watched, rated and reviewed
Title bolded – on our schedule to watch/rewatch, rate and review (or in progress)

NOTE: If you’re coming to these posts weeks or months later, some and/or all of the picks listed below may no longer be on the streaming services indicated. Anything marked as “Original” typically doesn’t expire on the streaming services.


  1. *Seaspiracy – Documentary (Mar 24)
  2. *Who Killed Sara
  3. *Caught By A Wave (Mar 25)
  4. *DOTA: Dragon’s Blo
  5. *Secret Magic Control Agency
  6. *A Week Away (Mar 26)
  7. *Bad Trip – 2020
  8. *Magic for Humans by Magic Pop
  9. *Nailed It Double Trouble


  1. *Millenials – Season 3 (Mar 25)
  2. *Big Time Rush – Seasons 1-4 (Mar 26)
  3. *The Irregulars – Original

Disney+ Movies & TV

  1. Inside Pixar: Foundations (Episodes 11-15)
  2. Disney Secrets of Sulphur Springs: As Time Goes By
  3. Disney Pickle and Peanut (Seasons 1-2)
  4. Gnomeo & Juliet


  1. *Hotel Coppelia (Mar 26)
  2. *Tina (Mar 27)
  3. *The Last Cruise (Mar 30)

Amazon Prime

  1. *Renegades (Mar 29)


  1. John Wayne Gacy: Devil In Disguise – Original (Mar 26)


  1. *100% Wolf – 2020 (Mar 23)
  2. *Collective – 2019 (Mar 25)
  3. *The Hurricane Heist (Mar 26)


  1. *Let’s Scare Julie (Mar 22)
  2. *White of the Eye
  3. *The Untamed

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