Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball + AtGames Legends Gamer Pro

A couple weeks ago the Arcade1up Star Wars Pinball we preordered from Gamestop back in November of 2020 (see: Upcoming Star Wars Pinball from Arcade1up and Zen Studios Looks Amazing) finally shipped and arrived.

Assembly took one beer and an hour and a half. Basically you screw four legs on the bottom of the table and assemble the back box. It’s not very complex and the instructions are easy to read and follow. I’m not strong at putting things together and I had zero issues assembling.

We have another virtual pinball table coming from AtGames that we also preordered in November 2020. This one also cost $599 + shipping. The Star Wars Pinball costs $601 and some change with delivery included, so the AtGames Legends Pinball is a little more expensive.

Also, recently — guess we’re in the videogame mode at the moment — Walmart had a crazy good deal on the AtGames Legends Pro controller for $99, when it regularly sells for $249.

AtGames Legends Pro Gamer is on the two gaming stools. The AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade is showing in the corner of the room

My son and I picked up four of those (two each). Another nice thing about these is they fit into the AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade unit as a replacement control panel and they are wireless so you can take with you and play the same games on TVs anywhere.

We’ve also scheduled three trips to the local arcade — one each month — for the next three months.

Typing this post as we’re waiting to enter the AMC movie theater for Sunday movie night at the theater. This will be our 14th movie seen in theaters in 2021. We’re seeing The Courier [FIRST LOOK] tonight. A review of that will be posted here in the not too distant future.. We also watched the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Wish they had gone the miniseries or two-part route (a la Kill Bill) there, but won’t say much else. You can read the Snyder Cut non-spoiler review at Letterboxd.

What have you all been up to? Spring cleaning? Watch any great movies lately you want to name drop recommend in the comments? Please do!


4 thoughts on “Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball + AtGames Legends Gamer Pro

    1. The legends pinball — about the same price — can play more games. Difficult to order one of these however, as they aren’t taking any more orders right now 😦 Sam’s Club had a few of them, but they were gone lightning fast. Eventually there will be more, but it could be the end of the year. These are more rare than PS5 and the new Xbox it seems.

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  1. I have my own arcade/game room building up and I was thinking about getting one of these. However, I’m not sure about the digital screen play. I would prefer a real pinball machine but those are insanely expensive. How does the game play and is it realistic enough to not feel digital?


  2. I prefer the AtGames Legends Pinball machine to the A1up Star Wars one because the graphics and experience are better. There is a realistic feel to these vpins, yes. It’s not a real pinball machine, but it tricks you into thinking it is when you play in the form factor with the solenoids and such. I like it.


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