No More John Landis Directed Eddie Murphy Movies?

Despite multiple movie success together, including the iconic Coming To America ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½, Eddie Murphy and director John Landis don’t like each other. This was news to us, but maybe you’d heard about their rift before?

This sense of control makes Coming To America seem more like a Murphy flex than a Landis film. Landis has characterized Murphy as arrogant and alienating during the film’s production, while Murphy characterized Landis as spending the shoot fuming impotently over perceived disloyalty. Yet it still makes a bizarre kind of sense that their partnership worked with this particular movie; its mix of absurd extravagance and cornball charm stands out from Murphy’s other ’80s vehicles, fractious production or not. On screen, at least, Murphy and Landis experienced a brief connection—like two ships passing, threatening each other with bodily harm, and angrily renouncing each other in the night.

Eddie Murphy and John Landis clashed their way through three big, unwieldy comic vehicles

Unless both men put their differences aside, it sure sounds like we won’t be seeing Landis directing any more Eddie Murphy movies. The article linked above covers Landis’ well publicized troubles surrounding the making of The Twilight Zone movie when Vic Morrow died along with a couple illegally employed child actors.

After consulting Landis’ filmography on Wikipedia, we see he hasn’t done many films since Murphy and him last collaborated on Beverly Hills Cop III in 1994. Just four films directed by Landis including Blues Brothers 2000 which had nothing to do with Murphy or the late, great John Belushi, but hey it had Dan Akroyd at least.

Would you like to see an R rated Eddie Murphy and John Landis collaboration again? Even though Beverly Hills Cop III wasn’t that great, nor Coming 2 America, it sure begs the question if Landis and Murphy and an R rating would have made the film better. I liked what director Craig Brewer did with Dolemite Is My Name? so staying with the premise that the PG-13 and a script which didn’t feature Murphy as the main actor, nor America in a movie with the country in the title, were the biggest issues.

3 thoughts on “No More John Landis Directed Eddie Murphy Movies?

  1. I heard they did not get along easily when working together but I have heard that about other directors and stars that still claim to like each other. Their mutual dislike is unfortunate since they have managed to make magic together.

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