GOOD SIGNS: A Quiet Place 2 and Peter Rabbit 2 Moving Up from Previously Delayed Dates

The sequel to A Quiet Place is one movie we really wanted to see a year ago, but then we all know what happened.

Since then, it’s shifted dates back several times like many other films. Now it’s shifting dates again, but the opposite direction: sooner.

Paramount Pictures has pushed up the release date of “A Quiet Place Part II” by several months, moving the film from Sept. 17 ahead to May 28. It took the spot previously occupied by Mark Wahlberg’s action-thriller “Infinite,” which was relocated to Sept. 24.

‘A Quiet Place 2’ Release Date Moves Up to May – Variety

Back in November, we learned that this franchise was planning a trilogy (see: Can’t See A Quiet Place II yet, but A Quiet Place 3 Is Already Planned for 2022 Release)

Also moved up is another much delayed movie, Peter Rabbit 2.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway has just shifted up from its theatrical date on June 11, 2021 to the second week of May, per an announcement from Sony Pictures. The family film was originally going to come out in February 2020, before moving back to the following April. Then the COVID-19 pandemic saw it bunny hop down to August 2020 and was shifted a handful of other times before landing on its (hopefully) final date of May 14.

After A Year Of Movies Delaying Their Release Dates, One Sequel Is Moving Up To May

We can forgive Cinemablend’s title, since there are two sequels moving up, but hey this is good news no matter how it’s shaken. Even if you want to say Quiet Place is doing so they can release on streaming sooner who cares?

Any movies you’d like to see moved sooner? Avatar perhaps? I mean, we’ve been waiting 10+ years for that one.

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