Sony To Quit Selling Movie and TV Shows on PlayStation But You Can Still Access Your Existing Library

We’ve talked before about the risks of buying movies and TV shows digitally (see: Buying Movies On Amazon Doesn’t Guarantee Future Access). You don’t own the content, you’re merely renting it until the company decides not to support viewing the content any longer. Licenses can change between the film rights owners and the company, leaving our digital libraries at risk.

Sony once upon a time had the PlayStation Vue and were trying to create their own streaming TV service. That’s gone. Soon, the ability to buy movies and TV shows on the platform will also be discontinued.

Here’s the good news for the movies and TV shows you might already have purchased…

Users will still have access to the content they’ve purchased beyond the August 31 deadline, with the movies and TV shows available for “on-demand playback” across the PS4 and PS5, as well as mobile devices.

Sony to Discontinue PlayStation Store Movie and TV Purchases and Rentals – IGN

The question is for how long?

Our current strategy is we buy very few movies and TV shows. We wait for them to appear on one of the many streaming services we have. We have a wish list on Google Play that tracks movies and TV shows we’re interested in. Shows like Las Vegas and Fantasy Island and a few movies that we haven’t seen available at any streaming service. We don’t buy much in the way of physical media any more, except 3D Blu Ray movies. We have so much to watch on the streaming channels that going to our wish list and/or buying movies isn’t necessary.

Even though we both are into games, we don’t look to watch, buy or rent movies or TV shows on videogame systems. This PlayStation news isn’t that unexpected for us and not disappointing, but if we had bought movies and TV shows there we’d be concerned about how long they would continue to support them.

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