Frogger Arcade Game Greenlit for Humans Navigating Obstacle Course Competition Game Show on Peacock

Some projects just make me LOL. Really, they are going to turn the classic arcade game Frogger into a competition game show with human beings running an obstacle course. This sounds crazy, potentially interesting and/or mind-numbingly stupid.

The series will feature 12 obstacle courses, or crossings, seeing contestants dodging traffic, leaping over snapping gators and hopping over hungry hippos to conquer the course and win a cash prize. NBCUniversal has some history with Frogger, which was the subject of a popular Seinfeld episode in 1998.

‘Frogger’ Arcade Game Leaps Into TV With Competition Series At Peacock – Deadline

I remember Netflix doing a Floor is Lava competition show in 2020, so who knows, maybe this will turn into American Gladiators meets Frogger?

Will you be tuning in to check out this odd experimental show? Or zero interest and curiosity?

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