Brent Spiner Thinks There Will Be A Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot

The Star Trek actor behind Data is 72 years old. Say that again, because if that doesn’t make some reading feel equally old, I don’t know what will.

Speaking with SyFy Wire, Brent Spiner talked about the future of Star Trek: The Next Generation and that he believes a reboot is on the way. “I’ve loved the recent movies. I think that sooner or later, they’re going to do a reboot, a motion picture version of Next Generation, and cast some young guys in our parts,” he says.

Brent Spiner Says A Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot Is Coming

Data is easily the most famous android in Star Trek history. He most recently reprised his role in Picard and then stated afterwards that he wouldn’t be playing the role again because he felt he was too old for the part. Androids don’t age, was his argument.

Got mixed emotions on whether or not STNG should get the reboot treatment. It’s not been that long ago and all the actors involved are still alive. At least some of the original Star Trek series actors had passed when they remade and rebooted that on the big screen.

Still, it’s an intriguing idea. Must continue to protest, however, that there are plenty of great stories to adapt for the first time versus rehashing, rebooting and remaking beloved movie and TV shows. I’d be more in favor of an animated series featuring the voices of all the original actors. A serious animated TV series, like the one we’ve been reviewing every Saturday for the past few months (see tag: Star Trek: The Animated Series).

Would you like to see a STNG reboot? Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “Brent Spiner Thinks There Will Be A Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot

    1. He was just a kid in the 90s, wasn’t he? Yeah, that’s the darn aging process, isn’t it? Darn it, why can’t we stay young forever? Wheaton has been (rather enthusiastically) hosting a post-show for Picard on YouTube.


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