Libra and Sagittarius Among The Most Fun Couples To Hang Out With … Yes, At The Movies!

Now that the movie theaters are open again in our area as of Friday 2/5/2021 — well, 2 of the 3 big theater chains, anyway, as Regal is still closed — we’re making plans for what we’re going to see going forward.

Social distancing, we know, but if you’re in a couple it’s tons of fun enjoying activities with other couples. Movie watching is something someday, maybe we can do again with other couples. We’ve done it before, but haven’t really found another couple that enjoys watching as many movies in theaters as we do.

At the last half or so of 2019, we watched 68 movies in theaters and 44+ in 2020 in the pandemic era, and we watched zero in January 2021. We’ve seen six new movies since February 5, when theaters reopened the second time.

Is there such an online movie matchmaking service that pairs up couples to go to movies together? Why this was on my mind today, I don’t know, but saw this article and thought: we need some other couples friends for movie watching buddies.

Kara is a Sagittarius, I’m a Libra. And she doubles as a hair stylist in these current trying times when we have no hair salons or barbers open. Washington State just extended the stay at home until the end of May and we have a 4-phase requirement for reopening, so that explains my need for a haircut.

And who else would Libra seek out to cut his hair than Sagittarius?

Libra & Sagittarius The ideal couple for a night out on the town (or any social gathering, really) is Libra and Sagittarius. These two gregarious and fun-loving signs thrive in every social situation and tend to be the life of any party. They’re both natural social butterflies that can talk to anyone and bring lightness and breeziness to any interaction. This lighthearted vibe gets picked up on by anyone in their orbit, so you never know what new friends you’ll make when you’re together or what exciting doors will open. The night is full of possibilities and adventure when you’re hanging out with these two.

3 Zodiac Sign Pairings Who Are The Most Fun To Hang With

Married 30+ years, of course we’re among the most fun couples to hang out with 😉 Got any movie friends matchmaking websites to recommend? It’s not something, either of us have done a lot of research into, but go ahead and feed us with recommendations in the comments below.

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