FONO = Fear Of Negative Outlook or Toxic Positivity

Shaggy thinks he can blow out a lit dynamite fuse, that’s some pretty positive thinking!

Am a positive person, but apparently for mental health purposes, being too positive can be a bad thing?

Huh? What?

Call it FONO, or fear of a negative outlook. Also known as “dismissive positivity,” it’s expressed as an overbearing cheerfulness no matter how bad things are, a pep that denies emotional oxygen to anything but a rictus grin.

What Is FONO? Toxic Positivity Is Doing More Harm Than Good – Bloomberg

Perhaps it’s just going through life and comparing bad days to good days and it seems to me like the days you think positively turn out better than the ones when you’re feeling blue. I don’t trust most studies, so very skeptical on the accuracy here.

I do like the sound of a “rictus grin.” Word.


One thought on “FONO = Fear Of Negative Outlook or Toxic Positivity

  1. 1. If everyone could maintain your attitude, Bloomberg columnist Ellwood and the quoted analyst might need to FORGE a new position, given their Fear Of Rictus Grins Everywhere. 🙂

    2. I had to look up the word ‘rictus.’ By my reading, “rictus grin” is (1) repetitively redundant, and (2) the opposite of what is meant. I.e., the sentence would translate to “… denies … anything but a grimace.” I may be wrong; so it goes.

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