Pod Filming Safety Precautions Reduces Risk To Cast and Crew

Poison Ivy captured by worker in quarantine suit in an episode of Harley Quinn

A frequent concern we share on this site is movie budgets spiraling out of control. This might have appeared prophetic in light of the current pandemic. Budgets have been exacerbated by new safety protocols for filming to keep the cast and crew safe from COVID infection.

In addition, Alex Kurtzman also shared a tidbit about filming that I find intriguing, particularly given that this is how Hallmark holiday movie productions were filming earlier this year. Kurtzman says the Star Trek: Picard cast is using the pods method to make sure that if Covid reaches set it won’t infect the entire cast so that things can keep moving even if there are further setbacks.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Dealing With Setback As Patrick Stewart Super Bowl Ad Launches – CINEMABLEND

It’s fascinating to review these procedures, considering many non-film production environments have had any such changes. For example, grocery store and retail workers have had limited changes to operations. Essentially, it’s wear masks, keep social distance, shopping carts and work surfaces sanitized by workers.

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