Goldman Family Only Paid $132,000 of $70 million debt owed by OJ Simpson

The Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Guess the lesson here is even if you win a judgment, good luck in collecting it from some people.

You’d think collecting a debt from someone like OJ Simpson (see: Remember O.J Simpson promoting in 1978: “Nobody Does It Better Than Hertz”? In 2020 Hertz Filing For Bankruptcy) that played Nordberg — a cop, lol, on The Naked Gun — would be easier than some random person.

Somehow OJ Simpson has been able to evade paying much to the Goldman family over the court award of $30 million, and 20+ years it’s ballooned with interest to over $70 million.

Come on, OJ, pay your freaking bills, man.

More than 20 years ago, in 1997, OJ Simpson was found liable for the wrongful death of Ron Goldman and ordered to pay a $33.5 million judgment to the Goldman family. Now, TMZ reports that Fred Goldman has filed legal documents in Simpson’s adopted home state of Nevada claiming that he’s only gotten about $132,000 from Simpson in all that time.

Fred Goldman Says OJ Simpson Still Owes Him $70M, Has Only Paid $132,000 | Celebrity Net Worth

In fairness, OJ was in prison for a memorabilia robbery heist gone bad for part of the time, but he could “only” come up with $132,000 in all this time? If we divide $132,000 by 14 years that equals $9,428.57 per year on average. Not very much for someone like OJ. One would think, anyway. He has no means to pay back any more of this debt than that?

OJ’s pension is not something the debtors can attach, from what we understand, so that explains part of it. OJ doesn’t have a regular job with wages that can be attached either, so again, he’s shielded there too.

Fred Goldman, father of slain Ronald Goldman will continue to pursue the payment of this debt — through all legal channels — until dirt is poured over him. And good for him on that.

I don’t understand why OJ doesn’t get creative and work off this debt. Sure, he says he’s innocent, but not of paying this debt. Instead, dude plays golf and makes social media posts.

Can’t see how anybody cares for OJ Simpson any longer.

3 thoughts on “Goldman Family Only Paid $132,000 of $70 million debt owed by OJ Simpson

    1. I think it is about making OJ uncomfortable in whatever life he has left more than the $$$. The Goldman’s clearly hate OJ and they might as well take whatever money they get from him and give it to a good charity.

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    2. Just a guess on my part though. Maybe they do want the money, but no interview I’ve ever seen or read from them suggests to me they really care about money. They are deeply saddened by the inexplicable murder of their family member and the only legal justice they can see for OJ is collecting on the debt he will likely never pay.

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