No Time To Die Release Delays Might Require Pickup Shots For Outdated Technology Newer Product Placement

More fallout from repeated delaying movies like James Bond #25 is Bond is supposed to be using the newest, greatest tech gadgets. Product placement is an additional revenue source for the filmmakers to increase revenue.

But what happens when a film is delayed so long that the advertising window not longer syncs up with the movie release date?

Product placement is a surefire way to excite your fans, sell some merch, and offset a massive budget, should your film cost something in the ballpark of $200+ million to make. As No Time To Die is the most expensive Bond film to date, and the delays to the movie’s theatrical release cost roughly $1 million for ever month shelved, now’s not the time to be upsetting your sponsors. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast were to reassemble, in order to get some pickup shots of a sweet new Nokia phone being used in the field.

No Time To Die Might Have To Go Into Reshoots For A Very Unique Reason – CINEMABLEND

Is Nokia going to pony up more dough for these pickup shots or because MGM is responsible for the delays, will they just have to eat them? Reshots can become very expensive, especially if visual effects work is required.

This is a new wrinkle, however, in the ongoing game of movie delays. Someday we will finally get to see Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond. Someday.

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