Sounds Like Movie Plot: 50-square-mile region in Idaho where ‘you can get away with murder’

Harley Quinn’s criminal crew would feel right at home in the Zone of Death

When thinking of Idaho, potatoes come first to mind, not murder.

Alas, a 50-square mile stretch of land exists that has zero population, an archaic constitutional haven, and the potential for a criminal mulligan.

Don’t laugh. It exists. Here in America, the land of freedom. The Sixth Amendment, history scholars.

Somebody somewhere must have made a movie with this real location in the United States featured. My creative brain is tick, tick, ticking. Heck, an entire anthology series could be created called, The Zone of Death.

I’m somewhat serious.

The technicality stems from the Sixth Amendment that states an individual charged of with a crime has the right to a jury summoned from the state and district where the crime was committed. However, the ‘Zone of Death’ falls in a district that has a population of zero and any criminal act conducted in the region would technically have to be dismissed by a court of law

Yellowstone ‘Zone of Death’ is a 50-square-mile region in Idaho where ‘you can get away with murder’ | Daily Mail Online

Got to put this on our vacation plans before we die. To sojourn the Zone of Death. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of place that just begs for horror fans to visit.

In all seriousness, and feel free to use the comments below to share. Has somebody written a fiction story, created a documentary or made a movie about this zone?

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