Holy Machete Wielding Jason! Shady Accounting and Profit Slashing, Alleges Producer Filing Lawsuit

see: Killer Friday The 13th Jason Coffee Table

As most know, Friday the 13th is a long-winded horror franchise, The star antagonist wears a hockey mask and carries a machete.

My interest in the franchise has waned since the 80s, admittedly, but they’ve kept making sequel after sequel after sequel. From a financial perspective, the original 1980 film was a huge profit maker, one of the most profitable films ever (see: The Ten Most Profitable Movies of All Time).

One of the producers of more recent films is alleging some questionable accounting has occurred and he’s not been compensated correctly, leading to a lawsuit.

Cunningham is already engaged in a battle with writer Victor Miller over rights. Now pending a ruling at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, that case involves important copyright and labor issues and has delayed any reboot, new sequels, and other derivative works. As fans patiently wait the conclusion there, Cunningham is throwing himself into another big battle — this one against Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, with “Hollywood Accounting” in the first lines, and talk of how Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings “lost” money soon following.

‘Friday the 13th’ Producer Sues Warner Bros, Paramount for Profits | Hollywood Reporter

This situation seems familiar to music artists complaining about shady accounting with their royalties and more recently, Disney allegedly not paying several authors (see: Alan Dean Foster Isn’t The Only Author Not Receiving Royalties from Disney says The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)

Don’t like reading about creative people not being paid what they are due. This could be a mistake, so don’t want to rush to any judgments.


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