Shark Tank Mark Cuban’s Company To Sell Prescription Drugs At Staggering Discount

It’s about time somebody went after the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs. Thank you, Mark Cuban, and business partner for seeking to tame this ripoff jungle.

Now under Cuban’s brand name, the private-label arrangement allows Oshymansky to buy from third party suppliers, take care of the labeling and branding laws himself, and sell it at a serious discount with just a 15% mark-up for the business expenses. This method allowed the pair to lower the cost of an anti-parasitic medication called albendazole from its normal U.S. price range of $225-$500, down to just 20 bucks.

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Drug Company is Producing Low-Cost Generic Drugs Cutting 90% of the Markup

While we don’t currently take any prescription medications, a lot of people do, and it’s exciting to see the Mavs owner attempting to disrupt this price inflated marketplace.

For the record, of the sharks, he’s consistently been my favorite. Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, is probably #2, simply for his intentionally overinflated ego persona. Can’t believe he’s actually like that in real life, but who knows?

Haven’t watched every season, every episode, but enjoyed most of what we’ve watched. The show becomes a bit derivative after a few episodes, but then that’s the problem for a lot of reality shows. It does have the added benefit of exposing viewers to potential cool businesses to check out.

Who’s your favorite shark on the TV show?


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