Alex Van Halen Reminds That Not Everybody Cares About Social Media

The rock guitar god Eddie may have fallen, but his spirit lives on

When perusing the news, I tend to avoid a lot of stories involving he said this, she said that, he did this, she did that — on social media — because at the end of the day, does it really matter? Just because something is trending on Twitter, does that mean it’s really the most important thing happening in the world?

That’s not to say trending topics aren’t important. Some are. Some are worth further exploration and discussion, but a lot of it is the kind of water cooler BS that in a day, week or month is forgotten. Why waste valuable time digging deeper into that bottomless pit?

Have mentioned before there is a circle jerk fascination with social media, in that many think these days that the world revolves around what happens with Twitter, Facebook. Insta and so on. If you’re not plugged in and active on these platforms, some think you’re just dead to the world.

I’m plugged into them, use them, but definitely limit my time on them. That’s the healthy approach for me. How much time do you spend on them?

Alex Van Halen conducted an interview in August 2020, ahead of his brother Eddie’s death and talked about why they don’t say more on the internet. You might find his point of view refreshing.

“All these people are writing books about the band and they know nothing about the inner workings of this band,” Alex explained in an interview with Modern Drummer, conducted in August 2020 and recently published as part of the Modern Drummer Legends Vol. 2 – Alex Van Halen book. “And Ed and I don’t say anything because we’re not in the business of bullshitting on the internet and books and all that kind of crap. We just want to play. It’s that simple.”

Alex Van Halen is ‘Not in the Business of Bulls—ting’ Online

Some have called Van Halen’s lack of information and communication through social media cause for alarm, but Alex puts it rather simply: they just didn’t care about talking online. They made their music privately and when it was ready to share with the world, they did.

Wolfgang, perhaps because he’s from a different generation, is much more active on social media than his uncle and late father. He’s likely to take a more conventional approach to his own solo music, Mammoth WVH (see: Wolfgang Van Halen Releases New Song “Distance” Dedicated to Father with Video)

This isn’t to criticize those who do spend a lot of time on social media. It’s your life, your time, spend it wherever you want. Just saying sometimes pulling away and looking at where you are spending most of your time and evaluating the return value is worthwhile.

This is why I always try and thank readers for whatever time you spend here. Even if it’s just passing by here and there or read every day. I’ll try, whenever possible, to cut through the BS online. Whatever time you are giving reading and spending on this website and/or watching our review videos is appreciated. Thank you.


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