Snappy Burger – Drive-Thru Burger Joint In Nevada That Shows Movies and sells Comic Books

Drive-thru burger, fries and bottled soda at a reasonable price + comics and FREE drive-in movie and TV

Snappy Burgers shows drive-in movies, TV shows, sells food and comics and is located at: 101 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Snappy Burger is a drive-thru burger joint with a concept so absurd that it might actually work. The premise is this: After picking up your burger, you can park your car and enjoy a movie on the big screen. It’s definitely a unique twist on dinner and a show, and if anything, you’ll walk away knowing you just had a true “Only in Nevada” experience!

There’s A Drive-Thru Burger Joint In Nevada That Also Shows Movies

Ok, we just had to visit this place. It was near the top of our to-do list while visiting Vegas. They were showing old Batman ’66 TV show at lunch time today.

I had one of their double cheeseburgers. It was tasty. Fries reminded me a bit of Burger King’s, not as good fries as McDonald’s, but the burger was better. Maybe somewhere between Five Guys and the various fast food burger places.

If you’re ever visiting Las Vegas, it’s not far from the strip and is right off the highway exit, so very easy to get to if you rent a car.

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