Atari Trying To Be Jack of All Trades, Throws Shade At PlayStation and Xbox

Not sure I understand Atari’s marketing plans. They won’t be very successful trying to claim — talk, not action — they are a better alternative, gaming-wise, to Xbox and PlayStation. Those are established consoles with huge followings.

Atari needs those fans on their side.

And interesting that there is no mention of Nintendo. The Switch is killing it out there. Nintendo too often is forgotten when the gaming gauntlet is thrown down. They know how to make fun, entertaining games and have a large, passionate fanbase. Atari needs these fans too. Some of them, at least.

But back to what Atari is saying, you can read part of it at the jump below.

“That blend of console, PC, PC gaming device, and streaming device offers a lot of flexibility, and a lot of value… We are actually pretty excited to see how people utilize both PC Mode and Atari Mode. Every computer plays games and video. Not every computer is an Atari.”

Atari slams PS5 and Xbox iterative upgrades and promises “something different” | T3

The Xbox and PlayStation have been streaming devices for years. That’s something Nintendo hasn’t even gotten into very well because Nintendo just wants to focus on what it is and does: gaming.

The Playstation and Xbox have both had apps for streaming channels for quite some time. It’s not something everybody uses on their systems. I don’t. Guess it’s supposed to be convenient to stop playing a game and just switching to Netflix, but why not just change the input on your TV and go full into Roku or Chromecast? It’s a nice added feature, but gamers don’t buy console systems to stream Netflix. And vice versa.

Atari is a decent gaming brand with a long history. They aren’t as relevant for current gaming as they were for classic and retrogaming, but hey, they are gods of the retro scene, with some legendary titles.

Not sure what Atari is up to, they are doing hotels, a new system that seems a bit pricey at $389 USD that’s some kind of hybrid low end PC, retrogaming machine and current console? They are also doing something with crypto currency.

A lot of irons in the fire.

Will say this, whatever they are up to, I’ll probably check into it. Just based on their name. Wonder how many gamers will do that? They can sell on that niche audience initially, but to keep this crowd satisfied they’re going to have to create some compelling new games. Is that in their plans? Are they partnering with others to do it for them? It kind of sounds like that’s the deal with the crypto play.

Whatever they are doing, I don’t think they can compete directly against the three big consoles. Sega tried that and ultimately gave up the expensive hardware game. Now they just make games. That’s probably what Atari should have kept doing.

Will you be checking out the new Atari VCS system? Staying in their hotel? Or are you taking a wait and see what others say approach?

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