Creating A Las Vegas Event and Activity Schedule – February 2021

In March 2020, when we last visited Las Vegas, we saw a Beatles imitation show — only limited shows will be playing in February 2021 — and social distancing in action, of course

When taking a vacation, we like to make a list of possible planned activities. In a city like Las Vegas, where we’ll be a few days, the list of potential activities is long.

NOTE #1: This post, unlike most, will continue to be updated with things we find to do. It’s been a work in progress for a couple weeks already.

(NOTE #2: Taking vacations during the pandemic could be a controversial topic for some considering the current times were living in. We have been working the entire time uninterrupted during the pandemic. Not that I feel like we need to make any excuses for taking vacation, it’s important to note this with sensitivity since many people are out of work. By us vacationing and spending money, we’re helping to keep at least some people employed. We’ll be responsible, wear masks, and follow safe travel guidelines. People need to spend in order for businesses to make money and employ others.

There’s multiple ways to look at things. Our position all along has been that if we can be in public working and putting ourselves at risk 40 hours a week, every week, then we can relax and put ourselves at risk (responsibly, of course) once in awhile on vacation. Luckily, neither of us has gotten sick yet. Maybe that’s pure luck, or evidence that we’ve worked safely this whole time or, who knows, but we’re not going to stay cocooned at home forever. We’re going to go out, live our lives, follow the safety guidelines, wash our hands, wear our masks, and so on.)

Just for reference, in March 2020, the first of two times that month we visited Vegas, here’s what our list looked like:

Event Schedule + Interest List – 3/4 – 3/6/2020

  • WED 3/4/20 – 12pm,3pm,6pm or 9pm @ Regal Red Rock Casino – My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising 4DX + 2D MOVIE
  • WED 3/4/20 – 7pm @ Red Rock Casino – Rocks Lounge – THE FAB: Beatles tribute lounge act — NO COVER CHARGE (FREE)
  • THU 3/5/20 – 1:20pm or 4:20pm @ Galaxy – Sonic The Hedgehog D-BOX MOVIE
  • THU 3/5/20 – 9:30pm @ Regal Red Rock Casino – Onward 4DX + 3D MOVIE
  • FRI 3/6/20 – 9pm @ Palms Casino – Billy Idol – tickets at ticketmaster – start at $36 USD / each.

The second trip ended prematurely when all gaming in Las Vegas was shut down. All movie theaters, too (see: Regal Closes All US Theaters, Suspends Billing for Unlimited Pass Customers)

Tag: Cinebarre Palace Station (our tag is misspelled, argh!)

Now check out our list for 2021 …

Event Schedule + Interest List – 2/3 (Wed) – 2/4 (Thur)

We’ve greatly expanded on that list for this trip, although we don’t have as much time scheduled there this trip.

#1 “new” movie we want to see, highly rated by others

Movie Theater Showtimes in Las Vegas

We probably will only have time to take in 1 or 2 movies while we’re in town for this trip, because we have so many different things we want to do and are only down there a short time. These are the three movies we’d most like to see:

  1. Promising Young Woman
  2. The Mad Hatter
  3. The Marksman

Other movies we haven’t seen are listed with showtimes at various theaters in the greater Las Vegas area. We also want to catch a Snappy Burger drive-in movie, but we’ll have to text (see below) for the movies available there. Seems like they are probably showing older full length movies there.

#2 new movie for our

Galaxy Theater Green Valley – (closest to where we’re staying)
4500 E. Sunset Rd. Ste 10
Henderson, NV

  1. The Mad Hatter
    WED: 4p, 6:25p, 8:50p
  2. The Marksman
    WED: 4p, 9:05p
  3. News Of The World
    WED: 5:05p

Sante Fe Station Casino – Century 16 Theater
4949 N Rancho Drive

  1. Promising Young Woman
    WED: 4:40p, 7:40p
    THURS: 4:40p, 7:40p
  2. The Marksman
    WED: 4:05p, 5p, 7:55p
    THURS: 4:05p, 5p, 7:55p
  3. News Of The World
    WED: 4:25p, 7:25p
    THURS: 4:25p, 7:25p
  4. Monster Hunter
    WED: 4:50p, 7:35p
    THURS: 4:50p, 7:35p
  5. Fatale
    WED: 7:20p
    THURS: 7:20p

AMC Rainbow Promenade 10
2321 N Rainbow Blvd

  1. Supernova
    WED: 5p, 7:15p
    THURS: 5p, 7:15p
  2. The Marksman
    WED: 5:15p, 7:45p
    THURS: 5:15p, 7:45p
  3. Fatale
    WED: 5:30p, 8p
    THURS: 5:30p, 8p

Other Theaters In Las Vegas We Might Want To Check Out

  • Maya Cinemas – D-Box, Dolby Atmos and more — DINNER & MOVIE theater
    2195 N. Las Vegas Blvd

CASINO Promotions and Other Activities

As in all prior casino-related visits, we’ll be looking for and playing movie-themed slot machines.

The Rocky slot machine pictured above was found in a California casino (yes, we won some $$ on it, too)
  • WED – STATION CASINOS Casino – SWIPE CARDS AT Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Palace, Boulder, Sunset or Santa Fe BEFORE PLAYING ANYTHING — 50+ Senior Wednesday
  • WED / THURS – 3am – 3am – SOUTH POINT CASINO – 9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV – $400,000 SPIN TO WIN, earn 500 points on any machine, play Spin To Win to win free play and free points
See: Spokane, WA Hobby Lobby May Not Be Singing In The Rain like Northern Quest Casino
  • WED / THURS – 10am – 5pm – MANDALAY BAY – strip – Shark Reef Aquarium – ($43/person for 6×9 picture and souvenir)
  • WED / THURS – 4pm – 10pm – EXCALIBUR CASINO – strip – 4D San Andreas Adventure ($9.99/person)
  • WED / THURS – 10am – 11pm – VENETIAN CASINO – strip – indoor or outdoor Gondola Rides ($29/person buy tickets at venue)
  • WED / THURS – 4pm – Midnight – LINQ CASINO – strip – High Roller Ferris Wheel ($32.75/person anytime ticket)
  • WED / THURS – 2pm – 10pm – PARIS CASINO – strip – Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck ($21/person price varies, best at night in dark)
  • WED / THURS – 11a-11pm – Snappy Burgers – 101 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV – Snappy Burgers (drive-in movie, adult feature length movies are after 9pm, text SNAPPY 474747 for movie schedule)
  • THUR 11am – 6pm – Luxor Casino on the strip – Titanic BODIES Exhibit ($42 per person purchase at door — $84

Do you live in/near/around Las Vegas? Recommended movie-related events or activities?

As always, your feedback is welcome. Can you mention any movie-related events and activities in/near/around Las Vegas? We’re going to have a rental car, so we can travel. Think broadly, could be location shooting of movies, so places to possibly visit? We’re open to any/all suggestions, no matter how far out they might be. Don’t want to be too limiting.

See: Caesars Las Vegas offers Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf

Tried to get Kara interested in the Dinner In The Dark event, but she’s not that adventurous an eater. While that might be an activity that doesn’t seem movie-related, darkness, horror, yeah, it’s stretch, but hey!

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