The Partridge Family: Umbrella Man

Here’s a catchy song that I think about once in a great while. Long ago, I watched The Partridge Family. David Cassidy was talented.

From Season 1, Episode 20 “They Shoot Managers, Don’t They?” the entire song is performed. It’s a catchy, upbeat ballad with curious lyrics. Why would an Umbrella Man want to shower you with all his love?

When I was a young sprout in the 70s, we used to have a motorhome with an 8-track player inside. I distinctly remember my parents playing an 8-track of The Partridge Family and this song. It’s funny how music brings back memories. We used to go on family trips in that motorhome and the Umbrella Man was our guide.

This is yet another one of those TV series that isn’t available on any streaming channel as of this writing. The show originally aired on ABC, which makes me think maybe Disney+ has the licensing rights, but I didn’t dig around and figure that out.

What classic TV shows would you like to watch that aren’t available on streaming channels currently?


3 thoughts on “The Partridge Family: Umbrella Man

    1. Some of these free, ad-supported streaming channels have more rare TV shows. Not sure why they are picking these up vs. the paid streaming channels (perhaps something to do with the various commercials).

      Hulu currently has all 7 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore available for streaming, but they are US only 😦 Maybe when Disney pumps up Star, you’ll be able to see it on that service outside the US(?)

      Nobody is streaming Rhoda as of this wriiting.

      Laverne & Shirley is shown via JustWatch as 4 seasons streaming on DirecTV:

      Don’t know if that’s ondemand or just on some channel, though.


      1. Thanks for this! Ironically shows like Seinfeld, never popular in the UK, are on everything from Amazon Prime to Channel 4 streaming, but other classic shows are notably missing. Hiding your IP is the only way forward…

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