Streamers Now Average $47 A Month, Says Study

When you love watching movies and TV, what else are you going to do? You need to subscribe to something that has them or watch the free streaming options.

A study is saying the average amount spent is $47/month.

There has been considerable growth in that high subscription area – the number of people in the survey subscribed to either just one, two or three services saw drop-offs of 3-4% each, while those with four, five or six services saw slight rises of 1-2%. The biggest jump was the number of people subscribing to at least seven services with that portion jumping from 8% in April to 13% by December.

SVOD Spend Now Averages $47 A Month – Dark Horizons

We’re currently paying $65+/month to subscribe to the following channels:

  1. Netflix ($18+/month)
  2. Amazon Prime Video ($130/year – around $11/month)
  3. HBO Max (six months, 20% off, paid – around $13/month after taxes)
  4. Hulu ($2/month – student discount)
  5. Disney+ ($80/year – around $7/month after taxes)
  6. CBS All Access ($6.50/month after taxes)
  7. Shudder (free 30-day trial, then around $6.50/month after taxes)

Don’t see us canceling any of these subscriptions in February or March, but maybe April if the Paramount+ launch lineup is underwhelming. Shudder is currently on a 11 week horror new movie promotion that I’m digging, so staying that through the end of Q1-2021. Hulu is on a student discount, so not going anywhere there and HBO Max doesn’t renew until June or July 2021. As for adding any? Maybe Apple TV+ if they have something new worth watching, but we’ll probably be in and then canceling out right away.

What are your current paid streaming subscriptions? Any plans to add or cancel any in the next month or two? Why? Why not?

3 thoughts on “Streamers Now Average $47 A Month, Says Study

      1. That’s not even funny in the slightest. it’s just I cut cable to save $$$ and now I feel like I’m barely at a savings point because internet providers also caught on REAL quick and charge you an arm & leg for just that now. So they are always going to win.. I get it. but they could’ve just let us have it all a little bit longer!! jeez!

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