Quiet Riot Singer Jizzy Pearl Bashes Virtual Concerts, “Zoom sh*t is old”

Maybe in the minority on this one, but these virtual concerts are not my cup of tea. I’d rather watch live music played live than streamed live from some remote location. The Kiss Christmas concert with the gadzillion pyro sounded cool, but not for $20. I’d rather go see Kiss play live, not watch a concert of them playing live.

Jizzy Pearl, doesn’t care much for virtual concerts either.

On Wednesday (January 20), Jizzy took to his Facebook page to write: “A lot of people have given up on playing live. Its been a year and this Zoom shit is old and goofy at this point. Your Rock Star mystique is not enhanced by the visual of you sitting at your computer, I don’t care if you’re Brian May. Also the constant pandering for money…doesn’t look good. We as musicians all have bills for sure but Jesus…maybe that Mercedes SUV wasn’t a good idea.”

Quiet Riot Singer Jizzy Pearl Criticizes Virtual Concerts: ‘The Constant Pandering For Money Doesn’t Look Good’ – Blabbermouth.net

Am with Jizzy on this one. Is this really that guy’s name? Jizzy?! Lol, can’t be. Got to be stage name. It is, thanks Google. His real name is James Wilkinson.

Hey, if you like virtual concerts, more power to you. During the pandemic, whatever you want to spend your time doing is cool. Not bagging on your likes or dislikes. Just saying they aren’t something I’m going to be spend much money or time on. Ok, maybe if it’s the Beatles getting back together 😉

Anybody reading enjoy virtual concerts?

3 thoughts on “Quiet Riot Singer Jizzy Pearl Bashes Virtual Concerts, “Zoom sh*t is old”

    1. Yeah, I mean part of the fun of watching music being played live is, well, it’s LIVE. When it’s recorded or streamed … it’s not really live, it’s a live performance captured by cameras. Where is the live audience, the reaction? Add to this that a lot of thes “live” acts are using tracks because they don’t sound as good live any more? Argh, no wonder people use Spotify instead of buying music like they once did. That industry is even more wrecked.


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