Sylvester Stallone Lists $110M LA Mansion – Moving To Palm Beach, Florida

The list of celebs exiting California grows, with Sylvester Stallone the latest to list his $110,000,000 mansion and looking toward greener pastures.

The “Rocky” star purchased the 3.5-acre spread in the 1990s and build a custom mansion clocking in at 21,000 square feet with a tax bill of more than $125,000, according to The main home is an eight-bedroom and 12-bath mansion which a massive library/office with a barrel-vaulted ceiling. Stallone has it decked out with a ton of “Rocky” memorabilia, which isn’t likely included with the house. There’s also a “Rocky” statue, with his gloved hands raised in triumph that is guarding an arched window, the site notes.

Sylvester Stallone lists LA mansion for jaw-dropping $130M | Fox Business

Note: the article references $130 million, but an LA Times article quotes $110 million, so this post is going with the lower figure. Don’t know which is accurate.

We are looking to downsize from our home, definitely don’t have an extra $110 mil laying around, nor do we have any desire to relocate to Los Angeles. Still, can’t deny it’s a gorgeous looking home. Even without the Rocky memorabilia it looks appealing.

But the price tag. How many people have $110mil budgeted for their home? This is a home for a tech mogul or some other kind of wealthy individual. And somebody who wants to live in California. No, no, no thanks.

Anybody reading in the market for a home like this? Know anybody that would be interested in buying this and actually has the doe-ray-me? Yo Adrian!!!

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