Michael Dorn standing by with idea for Captain Worf Star Trek TV Series for Any Takers — But Are There Any?

My first reaction to a Worf spinoff series was, something like smelling a rotten food in a trash can. After reading Michael Dorn’s proposed outline for a story, however, I’m not as turned off to the concept.

They start letting other races into the Klingon world. And the only way they can do that is by letting in Starfleet officers. That’s sort of the way it’s done. ‘We’ll let in other people, but first Starfleet offers because we understand Starfleet. They’re soldiers, we’re soldiers.’ The second thing they have to do is their resources are limited and dwindling, because the Klingon universe is just like the Federation. They have planets and worlds and societies that they own, but they do it in a brutal way. And so they have to go out to every one of these worlds and either give them their freedom, or try to work with them, which is something that’s anathema to Klingons. And since Worf opened his big mouth and said, “This is what we have to do,” then they say, “Okay, then you’re the guy that has to go out to all these worlds.” And every world is different. Some worlds are rebelling. Some worlds want to be part of the Klingon Empire. Some worlds want to be independent.

And so every episode is that. So Worf is no longer part of Starfleet, but a member of the Klingon Defense Force?  
Exactly. This is the Klingon Empire. He’s a captain aboard a ship.

Interview: Michael Dorn Pitches ‘Captain Worf’ Show; Explains What It Would Take To Do ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – TrekMovie.com

Before commenting on the idea above, which is good, why does a Worf series in concept seem so unappealing? Worf just wasn’t a very interesting character to me in TNG. The episodes he was featured were among the least entertaining. I don’t rewatch those episodes like ones where Data was featured. Data is the character I’d be most interested in a spin-off series. More than Picard, more than Riker, much more than Wesley Crusher or Troi or Beverly Crusher. Heck, I might be more interested in a Colm Meaney as the transporter operator series than any of them — except Data.

Worf and the Klingons are kind of boring to me. Warrior race a bit tiresome after awhile. Don’t really care about their traditions and rituals, most of them involving pain or eating disgusting foods. Just don’t care that much for Klingons.

That said, I kind of warmed up to Dorn’s idea. It could provide for a different kind of Star Trek that’s still very much Star Trek. Most of my issues with Picard and Lower Decks is that they don’t feel very much like Star Trek to me. The former more than the latter.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Star Trek series based on Worf?

2 thoughts on “Michael Dorn standing by with idea for Captain Worf Star Trek TV Series for Any Takers — But Are There Any?

  1. I think it could work but not under the current leadership. What appears to be the aim in this Dorn idea is something closer to DS9 but the current Star Trek staff is so heavy handed in messaging and lacks creativity in storytelling to do a message show.

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    1. The more I think about a Chief O’Brien transporter series, that seems cool to me. I know they expanded on him in DS9 with Kiko, but I mean what about the transporter itself. Maybe a series on the transporter itself. How many different things could go wrong with it, operating it day by day, etc. Sort of like Asimov did with I, Robot and the Three Laws of Robotics.

      Agree with you on Kurtzman trek. He’s been pretty much terrible for the current direction of Star Trek. They need to fire him and go back to the hard sci-fi writers that did the original series or the 90s era writers.


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