8 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in February 2021

Theaters/HBO Max: Feb 26

Month #2 in 2021 feels similar to every month since April 2020: a bunch of movies delayed and pushed forward, an increasing number of new movies premiering on streaming and VOD/PVOD.

There is one bright spot on the theater release scene and it’s WarnerMedia’s day and date in theater and on HBO Max plan (see: ), providing 17 movies over 2021 providing both theaters and HBO Max a somewhat guaranteed release schedule. They might have been criticized for this move, but they’re becoming one of the few dependable studios, along with Universal and Focus Features that are supporting theaters with at least some new movie content during the pandemic.

This month we’re getting Tom and Jerry, an animated and live action feature film. Will it be any good? The trailer is below.

For historical reference, we’re including the films originally planned for this month, delays and reschedules dates when available as of this writing.

We’re also including some notable streaming releases, but this list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive. Weekly on Thursdays usually we post a “WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND” list covering streaming in more depth.

2021 Theater Releases

If you’d like to see an UPDATED list of all movies released in 2021 click here (post will be continually updated throughout 2021).

All February 2021 movie release dates unless otherwise indicated are for the United States, the release dates in other countries can/may/will vary.

FEBRUARY 2021 (8 movies)

  • Breaking News In Yuba County (delayed, moved from Jan 29 to Feb 12)
  • What About Love (Feb 12) – Sharon Stone [LIMITED]
  • Land (Feb 12)
  • Judas And The Black Messiah (Feb 12) – also HBO Max
  • Nobody (delayed, moved from Feb 19 to April 2)
  • The Mauritanian (Feb 19)
  • Nomadland (Feb 19)
  • Tom and Jerry (Feb 26) – also on HBO Max

  • A Glitch In The Matrix (Feb 5) – Apple TV+
  • Falling (Feb 5) – Apple TV+
  • Bliss (Feb 5) – Amazon Prime Video
  • Malcolm & Marie (Feb 5) – Netflix
  • Red Dot (Feb 11) – Netflix
  • Judas And The Black Messiah (Feb 12) – HBO Max & Theaters
  • Flora and Ulysses (Feb 19) – Disney+
  • I Care A Lot (Feb 19) – Netflix
  • Tom and Jerry (Feb 26) – HBO Max
  • Billie Eillish: The World’s a Little Blurry (Feb 26) – Applet TV+
  • The United States vs. Billie Holliday (Feb 26) – Hulu
  • Crazy About Her (Feb 26) – Netflix
  • Cherry (Feb 26) – Apple

    • Cinderella (delayed, moved from Feb 5 to July 16)
    • The Eternals (delayed, moved from Feb 12 to Nov 5)
    • Love & Monsters (AKA Monster Problems) (moved from Feb 12 to Oct 16, 2020 VOD/PVOD)
    • Dog (delayed, moved from Feb 12 to July 16)
    • Nobody (delayed, moved from Feb 19 to April 2)
    • Antlers (delayed, moved from Feb 19 to “TBA 2021”) [LIMITED]
    • The King’s Man (delayed, moved from Feb 26 to Aug 20)

Breaking News in Yuba County
(Feb 12)

What About Love
(Feb 12)

No official trailer available.

(Feb 12)

Judas And The Black Messiah
(Feb 12)

(Feb 19)

The Mauritanian
(Feb 19)

Tom and Jerry
(Feb 26)
Also streaming on HBO Max

Which of these movies, if any, are you looking forward to seeing?

Of the list of movies above released or delayed, what are you most looking forward to seeing? Are you going to wait for these movies to come to streaming or venture into theaters? If you’re still in a holding pattern, it’s all good. Let’s chat about it in the comments.

As always, wishing you all happy viewing, whatever you’re watching!


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