U-Haul Top 10 Growth States Based on Migration Patterns in 2020

So, where is everybody going to be watching movies at in the future? Theaters close to their homes, so that makes knowing where people are moving to relevant.

Thanks to U-Haul, we know where most people are moving to.

Here are the top 10 growth states, according to U-Haul data analyzing migration patterns from 2020:

1. Tennessee
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. Ohio
5. Arizona
6. Colorado
7. Missouri
8. Nevada
9. North Carolina
10. Georgia

U-Haul report: States where the most people migrated to in 2020

Texas and Florida always seem to have a lot of people moving toward them every year, so not sure the pandemic has changed much in this area, but Tennessee? Beautiful state, no doubt. I’m curious what else there is a huge draw for people to move during the pandemic? Is it because it has rural areas? Elvis’s home? What?

Maybe it’s the cost of living there? Can understand people moving around because it’s wayyyy too expensive to move to California or Washington state where we live.

We’ve talked about retiring someday — probably 10+ years from now, at least — and possibly moving to Nevada or Arizona, so see the draw to those two places. Wherever we move, it probably is at least close to some major city, because that’s our best chance of seeing movies in theaters.

Any surprises on this list to you? Any state you’d consider moving to over where you currently reside? Let’s not leave out our international readers, are there alternate places you’d like to relocate possibly someday? Maybe to Australia? New Zealand?

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