How Often Will You Use Netflix Shuffle Play Feature?

From left to right the pay streaming channels we currently subscribe to: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, CBS All Access and Shudder

We currently subscribe to pretty much every major streaming service. The size of the list of movies and TV shows I would like to watch is the problem, not picking which one at any given moment to watch.

Netflix, however, thinks the feature we most need is a shuffle feature which will allow us to jump immediately into watching something.

In the company’s shareholder letter, released this week, it said it planned to roll out its “Shuffle Play” feature, which it has been testing worldwide since August. According to Netflix, the idea behind the feature is to “make it easier for members to find something to watch.” Shuffle Play serves up movies or TV shows similar to what you’ve already watched, or within genres you frequently view. It will also select from shows you’ve saved in “My List.”

With This Brilliant New Feature, Netflix May Have Just Solved the Biggest Problem With Streaming Video |

After further thought, I can think of one time this feature would be useful: when putting something on to go to sleep watching. Something random that either passes or fails the test of keeping me awake.


4 thoughts on “How Often Will You Use Netflix Shuffle Play Feature?

  1. Todd, thanks again for keeping me in the know. This is new info for me so not sure if I will use it or not. I have a couple of go to places to select my Netflix movies in advance before adding them to my list so not totally clear if this shuffle feature will be a benefit for me.

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  2. I’m intrigued by this function. My husband and I used to play a game of Netflix roulette when we were bored, where we would scroll and the other person would yell stop and whatever we landed on we’d watch. This makes that easier I suppose. Haha.

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