FIRST LOOK: Hunted (2020) – Shudder

Nothing like the forest and animal kingdom to be both adversary and friend in a catch, escape and pursuit horror tale. This Shudder original has a fitting title.

Eve meets what she thinks is a charming guy in a bar. Yet things go terribly wrong once she realizes she has come across a psychopath and his accomplice. They engage in a death chase until she decides to fight back with the forest as her only ally.

Hunted (2020) – IMDb

Official trailer:

It’s not often that I write these FIRST LOOK previews after watching some or all of the movie, but that’s the case here. Recently, we resubbed for Shudder’s whole 11 weeks of new horror movie + the Joe Bob Briggs Valentine’s special. This was their first movie, kicking off in mid January and it runs through until the end of March 2021. No idea how many more Shudder originals remain in 2021, but one a week is a good pace to start.

Hunted is available to stream on Shudder as of January 14, 2021.

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