January 19 is National Popcorn Day – Will You Be Popping?

Since we’re dedicated to movies on this website, we would be remiss if we never mentioned National Popcorn Day which takes place today, January 19.

Naturally, the movie chain Cinemark is celebrating with a promotion.

From Monday, January 18 to Sunday, January 24, guests will receive $2 off any size popcorn at all Cinemark theaters serving concessions. In addition to the week-long deal, Cinemark is celebrating the start of 2021 by giving 21 Cinemark moviegoers free popcorn for a year.

Moviegoers can celebrate National Popcorn Day with week-long deal

We’ve certainly talked about popcorn here and there (see: Collectible Popcorn Buckets and Soda Combos and 788% Profit on Movie Theater Popcorn)

Hopefully 2021 will be the last year in our area on January 19th that we are unable to visit a movie theater, buy some popcorn from the concession stand, and watch a movie. In lieu of this, I’ll be sure to hit up some microwave popcorn.

What about you? Will you be eating some popcorn today?

6 thoughts on “January 19 is National Popcorn Day – Will You Be Popping?

  1. You have given me an excuse to munch on my green apple candy popcorn leftover in my pantry. It was from a college fundraiser and I have been nibbling on it slowly. But today is the day to have some more. Thanks for sharing and giving me a reason.

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      1. It is! I am eating it now. My college colors are orange and green So, I had one bag of cheese, which I already ate a long time ago. Then the apple one. This one I have been eating more slowly because it is so sweet.

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