Unsurprising: Nintendo Dropping Netflix Support on Older Game Machines: 3DS and Wii U and No App for Switch

A bunch of evil Harleys on the run … but not for Netflix on Nintendo gaming systems

My favorite gaming-related purchase of 2020 was a retro arcade (see: Arcade and Console Videogaming Heaven – Legends Ultimate Arcade), while the Nintendo Switch was the most played console gaming system of 2020.

Will likely buy a PS5 and the new Xbox at some point in 2021, if/when you can actually find one in a store. I’m not going to fight the online scalping market.

“Starting Dec 31st, 2020, the Netflix app will no longer be available for new users to download from Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS family of systems,” Nintendo said in a statement on the listings for the Wii U and 3DS Netflix app. “During that time, it will be possible for existing users to re-download these applications. Service for existing users will continue until June 30th, 2021. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed Netflix on these platforms over the years.”

Nintendo is Dropping Netflix From the 3DS and Wii U With No Switch App in Sight | Cord Cutters News

Should mention the keyword here is: games. I don’t care about streaming movies or TV channel support on game machines. I won’t watch Netflix on whatever system Nintendo has, last generation, current or likely the next. No more than I was that interested in the Xbox or PS5 having streaming channel apps.

The one exception: watch party apps. It does make sense to join your gaming friends in a watch party on Netflix. Then again, if you’re on each other’s game friends list, you could just as easily be friends in other apps.

Not saying this fits your situation, but curious if it does? I mean, if you have a smart TV, just click a button to go to your streaming channel menu. It’s as easy as changing inputs. Do you care if your — insert favorite gaming system — has a Netflix app? Not hurting anything if it does, I suppose it does add some convenience, but … does it matter that much?

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