Hmm, Not Sure About Nicole Kidman Playing Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin Penned Biopic

Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Boy, it’s a major acting challenge playing Lucille Ball. We all love Lucy and it seems almost sacrilegious for anybody attempting to portray the legendary actress.

Has to happen sooner or later, though.

Was thinking almost the same thing about Judy Garland and Renee Zellweger nailed that portrayal — even if the script was a bit suspect.

I mean this is like epic, near impossible tough acting gig. Nicole Kidman is talented, but I didn’t care much for her portrayal of a lesser actress (Elizabeth Montgomery) in the Bewitched remake with Will Ferrell. Also, that was scripted by Nora Ephron!

(This project is scripted by Aaron Sorkin, and I enjoyed what he did on The West Wing, so there is worthy writing firepower here)

Kidman playing Lucy in a biopic? Don’t know. Prosthetics are amazing these days, so they probably can make her look very, very much like Lucy. They made Charlize Theron look almost identical to Megyn Kelly — so much that it confused Kelly’s child — but there’s much more to acting than physical appearance (see: 20+ Bombshell Reviews – Charlize Theron Portrayal of Megyn Kelly Not Award-worthy)

Who else might be able to play the famous comedian? Margot Robbie? She played Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, why not Lucy? She’s younger though, and maybe they wanted somebody a little older for the part. Casting is hard when you’re talking about really famous people like Lucille Ball.

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in negotiations to play Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in Amazon and Aaron Sorkin’s Being the Ricardos, the film about the relationship between the I Love Lucy stars. Having penned the screenplay, Academy Award winner Sorkin also will direct the film from Amazon Studios and Escape Artists. The film is set during one production week of I Love Lucy — Monday table read through Friday audience filmin g— when Lucy and Desi face a crisis that could end their careers and another that could end their marriage.

Nicole Kidman To Play Lucille Ball, Javier Bardem As Desi Arnaz In Biopic – Deadline

Don’t know much about Javier Bardem, but I believe casting Desi Arnaz will be significantly easier than Lucy, especially if he doesn’t have to sing and do the conga.

Anyway, I’m intrigued with the project, especially after seeing Lucy’s daughter’s excellent documentary that is linked at the top of this post. Lucy and Desi had a very explosive relationship that is ripe for a biopic.

I wonder what Lucy and Desi’s children think about this project? Am sure we’ll hear more if this actually makes it into production without revised casting. The article does state that both actors are merely negotiating, contracts have not been signed as of this writing.

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