Instead of Overly Long Director’s Cuts, What About The Miniseries Route Instead?

Suicide Squad ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Just thinking aloud here, but apparently the long anticipated Snyder cut will be 4+ hours. That’s way too long for a movie, even a director’s cut. Perhaps, instead, the directors should take the miniseries route. Cut up their 4+ hours into 30 minute episodes.

Relax, I’m not talking about going the overly dramatic Quibi route making 10 minute scenes into episodes and be viewable only on cell phones. Rather, I’m talking the Cobra Kai series format, which essentially involves ten 25-30+ minute episodes. 300 minutes = 5 hours. Very digestible in this format.

Jared Leto, joker from Suicide Squad is one of many lobbying for The Ayer Cut, which is another extended cut of the original film that some fans would like to see. This cut isn’t as popular as the Snyder cut, but it’s getting some attention, particularly from Leto who says there is a lot more to be seen of his Joker than what made it into the theatrical cut of the movie.

While on Variety’s Award Circuit Podcast, Jared Leto showed some empathy for the filmmakers involved in studio films as massive as Suicide Squad. He expressed an understanding of the complications comic book films can deal with and shared his support for David Ayer having another shot at showing all that he had planned for the project. There are no plans in place right now concerning the Ayer Cut, but the director has been vocal about how his vision for the film was “ripped out” due to studio meddling following negative reactions to BvS.

Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto Gives His Thoughts On Calls To Release The Ayer Cut – CINEMABLEND

I’m with many others that didn’t think the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad was very good, but adding 2+ more hours of Jared Leto’s Joker isn’t likely to make me a huge fan of the movie. Then again, what if this extended cut was a miniseries? Maybe that format would work better for the extended version.

As for more Joker, let’s not forget that Joaquin Phoenix was reportedly offered a bunch of cash to play Joker in two more movies (see: Should any movie star be paid $50 million for 2-picture sequel deal in current movie era? Case in point: Joaquin Phoenix). No update found on that front.

There is one thing I’d like to see more of in Suicide Squad and that’s Harley Quinn. Chances are if a lot more scenes with Joker exist then more of Margot Robbie as Quinn exist. I’m interested in seeing her interaction with her prankster, abusive ex-boyfriend, Joker. Maybe she brains him with her club in one of them.

How long should movies be? Do you have a length that is too long? 4+ hours for me doesn’t sound any more like a movie. I know there have been some 3+ hours movies that are considered classics and iconic, but these movies are long, long watches and tend to feel like two movies in one.

One thought on “Instead of Overly Long Director’s Cuts, What About The Miniseries Route Instead?

  1. I guess there was an argument that something like Hateful Eight was cinema rather than a mini-series for financial reasons, although it ended up being both. But the business model is broken, so who knows? I could barely sit through these movies as is, so an easy pass for me.

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