Large Amounts of Frontline Workers are Refusing To Take Vaccine, Citing Various Concerns

Scooby snacks often motivated Scooby Doo to overcome his fear

Those of us who have been working in essential businesses might receive the opportunity to take the vaccine sooner, thanks to skepticism by frontline workers.

The New York Post reported Friday that health care works in California, New York City, Ohio, and Texas are refusing to take the vaccine in large numbers. The workers are citing skepticism that the vaccine would work without side effects given how quickly it was developed and approved.

High Percentage Of Frontline Workers Refusing To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine, Many Citing Political Reasons | The Daily Wire

It’s a little unsettling that health care workers, the ones we would expect to most likely participate, are rejecting vaccines in large numbers. As soon as I have the opportunity to get the vaccine, I’m getting it. Can’t speak for others, but anything that can significantly reduce the chance of infection seems worth getting.

Movie theaters reopening and attendance depends in some part on the pandemic getting under control — at least perception. I’d argue that movies that people really want to see in theaters will continue to have the largest impact on movie theater attendance.

We’re approaching a year with this pandemic in our lives. With an over 99% survival rate, I think many people are ready to get back to a more normal life than what we’ve had over the last year. Safety should be a heightened concern, which includes vaccinations when available.

Will you be getting the vaccination when it’s available?

2 thoughts on “Large Amounts of Frontline Workers are Refusing To Take Vaccine, Citing Various Concerns

  1. I’m a key worker, but unlikely to be in the first batch. The US seems to have struggled with the politicisation of the virus, and the vaccine, and that’s going to be a problem with administering the vaccine effectively. You can’t have a governemt lying about absolutely everything, and then seeming to offer a credible medical solution at the same time, and then wonder why people are suspicious. But these are the same vaccines being used worldwide, and we’ll all working with the same reassurances….so here’s hoping…

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