When Stars Become Major Social Influencer Marketers Their Value To The Project Increases

Wonder Woman 1984 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

It seems paying Gal Gadot $10 million for Wonder Woman 1984 was about more than her starring role in the film.

May have to rethink stance of paying actors multi-millions in the current environment (see: Hollywood Bloated Salaries Meet Fixed Streaming Dollars – Red Notice), if they are going to also be a significant part of the marketing arm (over and beyond working the traditional press circuit, of course).

The longstanding media blitz accompanying movies playing in theaters is one thing, but those with massive social media presence bring additional marketing value that simply can’t be overlooked.

Gal Gadot has noteworthy social media influence, generating 8+ million likes on her Instagram alone.

That said, the social media push for the pic, particularly by star Gal Gadot, has been wonderful. “The social channels for WW84 across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, with the movie official pages (3.9M), the studio (53.8M) and DC channels (8.2M) — the Social Media Universe of Gal Gadot (60.5M) is the strongest driver of engagement since opening. Specifically, activity on the Gadot Instagram over the week has clocked over 8M likes.”

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Box Office Fall 67% In Weekend 2 As HBO Max Glitches Continue – Deadline

Deadline sure namedrops RelishMix a lot in their quoted article. Probably because that’s the source they’re referencing for the social media buzz around the Wonder Woman sequel.

Box office sales predictably dropped in week two, perhaps in greater part to the fast cooling reviews after the initial wave which had the film rated much higher than where it sits today. It seems that WarnerMedia played the early film critics like a fiddle. They knew who to target that were more likely to review the film more positively. I’m not saying there was any skullduggery, but you have to wonder how a movie comes out so highly rated and reviewed and quickly drops like a stone the minute the rest of us without access can watch and review it.

Back to stars that also market their own films? If they have a lot of social media followers and attention that certainly adds value. However, if the movie isn’t very good, nothing will doom sales results worse than word of mouth. That travels faster than anything online.

Unfortunately for Wonder Woman 1984 too many reviews are unfavorable, citing issues with convoluted writing, implausible and bizarre plot points and a, gasp, too long runtime. “The Monkey’s Paw” short story by W.W Jacobs was published almost 120 years ago making the whole Dreamstone all too familiar territory. The writing team of Jenkins and Johns drank too much of their own Kool-Aid, if they thought what they were doing was fresh and engaging.

That said, it’s not quite Terminator: Dark Fate bad, but it’s a major letdown from the first film.

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