Happy New Year 2021

So glad to say goodbye to the mess that was 2020 and hoping all goes much better in 2021 and beyond.

On the movie theater front, Washington State has pushed back allowing reopening theaters to January 11, 2021 now, so our in-theater review coverage will not return until around the middle of the month, assuming there isn’t another delay by the state government.

There aren’t that many new movies showing in theaters this month (see: 6 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in January 2021), and who knows how many of those movies will be delayed anyway. That’s been a familiar story since March 2020 and it doesn’t look, unfortunately, like this will be changing at least the start of 2021.

We’ll see. Bottom line, the important thing is keeping safe and healthy. Plenty to watch on the streaming channels, so enjoy watching movies and TV shows in 2021!

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