Any Good Cavemen Movie Recommendations?

Reading the article that fossil from early humans suggest we might once have hibernated to survive cold winters makes me think of cavemen movies. We’ll get to movie recs in a minute, but first this whole Jurassic Park like dig:

They suggest these early humans found themselves “in metabolic states that helped them to survive for long periods of time in frigid conditions with limited supplies of food and enough stores of body fat”. They hibernated and this is recorded as disruptions in bone development.

Early humans may have survived the harsh winters by hibernating | Science | The Guardian

Hibernating like bears or just camping out in caves over the winter? I’m going with the latter, because it seems likely our ancestors were hibernating, but who knows. I had to Google this, but humans the way we know ourselves have only existed on earth about 200,000 years (see top image).

The first movie that comes to mind when thinking about cavemen is Encino Man starring Pauly Shore. It’s his best movie, really. Although it’s more a fish out of water, er, rather caveman in current times comedy. Animated would be The Flintstones and more recently, The Croods. Guess there were two live action Flintstones movies.

For more drama, 1981 saw Quest for Fire. Among the more Academy-noteworthy cavemen movies.

What cavemen movies do you recommend?

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