Conan Doyle Estate, Netflix and Legendary Settle over Enola Holmes Lawsuit

Enola Holmes ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

An update on the use of Sherlock Holmes emotions lawsuit (see: Litigious Arthur Conan Doyle Estate targets Netflix book adaptation Enola Holmes) — it’s been dismissed.

Based on the article quoted below, it seems like the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate got paid something, but how much is not clear.

Is a more emotional Sherlock Holmes protected by copyright? Although that’s dubious, the mystery remains technically unsolved as Netflix, Legendary Pictures and others associated with Enola Holmes have come to a settlement with the Conan Doyle Estate. On Friday, the parties stipulated to dismissal of a lawsuit in New Mexico federal court.

Netflix Settles ‘Enola Holmes’ Lawsuit With Conan Doyle Estate | Hollywood Reporter

Restating my comments on that post over the summer. I don’t like the idea of an estate claiming copyright infringement on an IP they aren’t actively creating new stories. If they are and I’m just missing all the Sherlock Holmes content being produced by the Arthur Conan Doyle estate, please clue me in the comments below.

Instead, they seem to be acting more like patent trolls, feeding off the lifeblood of creative people like the author of Enola Holmes. I could have this all wrong and maybe the Conan Doyle Estate is in the right here. We will never know on this particular case.

Not sure the court case being dismissed really answers any questions about whether or not this practice is legal in 2020. Will this come up in the courts in a case that actually goes to trial? Hope so. I’d like to see it challenged and copyright law speak on this subject.


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