Now it is illegal for ISP to charge rental fee for router you already own

From Airplane 2: The Sequel – fits the bogus practice of ISPs charging for renting router you own

Starting December 20 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can no longer legally charge customers to rent a router they already own.

Of course we shouldn’t need a law to force ISPs to remain honest when billing, but these companies all too often charge customers BS fees because they can.

Is your internet service provider charging you every month for the cable modem or router that you purchased with your own money? Or, perhaps, have you never bothered to buy those items because you couldn’t escape the fee? That fee will be illegal starting Sunday, December 20th, and you should tell your ISP that you’ll no longer tolerate it, threaten to sue, and/or take advantage of any binding arbitration clause it may have with you.

Starting Sunday, cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own – The Verge

The article also touches on trying to find out if the ISP will try to raise the $10/month some other way, through some other associated fee. Not to be too cynical, but this sounds very much like when we were supposed to have $20 car license tabs in Washington State. We got them for like one year and the next it was $30 and years later we’re back to hundreds of dollars for each of our cars.

Fees, fees, fees. The ultimate way to generate a bunch of cash for something from a group of customers. No wonder many people despise these larger corporations.

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