Overseas Box Office for Wonder Woman 1984 and Domestic Monster Hunter Results

Wonder Woman 1984 opened with just under $20 million box office in China which, in the current pandemic times, respectable. Absurdly, the Variety article quoted below is comparing to the first movie that wasn’t released in the current crippled theater environment.

“Wonder Woman 1984” opened to a less than heroic $18.8 million in China over the weekend and a disappointing $38.5 million overseas. That’s far less than the $38 million that the first “Wonder Woman” grossed in its opening weekend in China and likely means that the follow-up will earn far less than the $90.5 million that its predecessor pulled in from the country over the course of its run.

Box Office: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Sputters in China – Variety

Why we are comparing anything in the box office to prior years is puzzling. Sure, it makes it sound like the new movies are not doing well because people aren’t going to see them. That is only partly true. People can’t go see them — at least in some areas. That might not be the case in China.

This makes me wonder why WarnerMedia paid $10 million more each to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot. Was it so they wouldn’t submarine the promotion of their movie onto HBO Max as day and date release? (Conversely, they’ve been supportive of this release) $20 million on top of the $200+ million already budgeted is going to make it even harder for WarnerMedia to recoup and sets a challenging precedent with the other 17 movies in 2021 they plan to release similarly. Are they going to pay hundreds of millions to the other lead actors and directors or was this a one-off? What about the rest of the crew?

Not bashing Jenkins or Gadot for taking the money, btw, good for them. If you’re a director or lead actor on those other 17 films, you’re going to want your million plus paydays. That doesn’t seem like something WarnerMedia is going to be able todo with every film they release.

(or will they?)

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter, the movie based on a Capcom video game made $2.2 million in the United States on its opening weekend. Again, if you think this is somehow disappointing then re-read the article and remember that the majority of movie theaters in the United States remain closed. I want to see this movie!

The closest open movie theater to us is around 240 miles away in another state. It’s very unlikely we’ll be making that sort of travel — especially during the holidays — to watch a new movie, so we must wait for theaters to reopen nearby. That date is currently set for January 4, 2020 (see: Washingtonians won’t be seeing any more 2020 movies in theaters as COVID-19 restrictions extended to Jan 4, 2021). In the meantime, those of you who can see Sony’s Monster Hunter and the other new movies in theaters, please let us know what you think of the films.

While waiting, we’ll continue to enjoy new and older movies on streaming channels. Our extended coverage for movie theater releases will return … soon, hopefully.

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