Are Tom Cruise’ Leaked Outbursts On Mission Impossible 7 Set Real or Publicity Stunt?

Maybe it’s just not a good time to be making some (most?) movies or … maybe it’s all one big promotional pitch. Let’s deal with the former first.

Look, this is what we do at this site: we exist for talking about movies. There are plenty of movies to cover for a couple lifetimes already, so not having new movies sucks, but it doesn’t paralyze what we do here. If it’s not safe to make movies right now, then by all means don’t make them. Follow the darn safety protocols, crew members, studios, filmmakers. Seriously.

Apparently, Tom Cruise during the filming of Mission Impossible 7 appears out of patience for crew members not following the pandemic safety rules. A profanity-laced rant escaped into the wild and went viral.

In the leaked audio, Cruise called the set of the film the “gold standard” of shooting amid pandemic conditions. “We are creating thousands of jobs you motherf–kers,” he shouted. “I don’t ever want to see it again. Ever. And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again, you’re f–king gone.”

Tom Cruise’s second tirade on ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ set causes 5 crew members to quit: report | Fox News

The MF bombs aside, I can kind of sympathize with Cruise. He shouldn’t have to be the COVID cop on the movie sets, you’d think he’s pay somebody else to have that unthankful job, but he’s sure taking responsibility for the health of everybody involved.

Just me speaking here, but I don’t need to see Mission Impossible so badly that I want people to be in serious danger making it. I realize all movies have some danger associated with them, but if shooting the movie involves increased pandemic-related danger, then just wait. Film scenes you can and shut down production until it’s safe. Maybe that’s not an option for those financing the film, I don’t know, but somebody is going to have a mental breakdown on set. Maybe Cruise.

It’s ironic that a guy who does so many dangerous stunts himself is faced with a danger he mentally can’t overcome.

Now, to turn everything above on its head, what if this Cruise rant was all staged? It’s just a clever publicity stunt?

She explained that the entire episode was likely a crafted media ploy to spin the church’s reaction to COVID in a positive light. “Tom does not care about the families of his crew; this is all for publicity. Tom does not believe in family values,” Remini wrote. “Anything you see coming from Scientology and Scientologists, such as mask-wearing and supposedly humanitarian efforts, is just a show. It’s for public relations reasons only.”

Leah Remini Says This Was the Real Reason for Tom Cruise’s COVID Rant

Real or fake? I’ve listened to the audio recording available in the first clip. Cruise is a great actor and deals in a word of fiction and sometimes for creative purposes intentional subterfuge.

Don’t know on this one, but feel free to weigh in on the comments with which version you believe.

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