Rod Serling’s Take on A Christmas Carol in 1964 Was Not Rebroadcast for Decades

It’s funny how memories come and go. I read Marc Scott Zircree’s book The Twilight Zone Companion and somehow missed a non-TZ movie that Serling penned based on A Christmas Carol called Carol For Another Christmas.

Peter Sellers appears in a modern remake of A Christmas Carol penned by the writer of The Twilight Zone and Planet of the Apes seems like a genuine piece of television history, and yet it’s virtually impossible to find today. Since its first broadcast in 1964, the film was only available to view at the Paley Center for Media in New York and Los Angeles and the UCLA Film and Television Archive in Los Angeles, and rare bootleg copies. In 2012 TCM broadcast it for the first time since its original showing, and has done annually since, and has made it available for limited-time on-demand streaming via

The Rod Serling Christmas Movie You Never Saw | Den of Geek

What a cast, Peter Sellers (Inspector Closeau), Robert Shaw (Quint from Jaws), directed by Mank and appearing in 1964 the year following the JFK assassination. Would like to see this on TCM or some other streaming channel. Any readers seen this by chance? If so, any good? If not, are you interested in seeing?

Serling did tackle Christmas on The Twilight Zone in the episode he wrote called, “Night of the Meek.”


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