Does Patty Jenkins Need To Find Other Actors To Work With Besides Chris Pine and Gal Gadot?

If Gadot and Pine are cast in Jenkins next film, that will make 75% of her films casting them

First and foremost, congratulations to Patty Jenkins on being the first named female director for a Star Wars film. If you haven’t heard yet, Jenkins has chosen to be the director of the next film, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron due out in 2023. It’s exciting to see more women directing feature films and hopefully will continue her pattern of promoting both sexes to see her movies (see: Wonder Woman being Promoted as Film for Both Sexes Equals True Empowerment). Major props!

There’s nothing wrong with directors choosing favorite actors to work with — except perhaps when it involves franchise movies. After all, Scorsese often works with De Niro and sure there are other directors with pet actors. But Scorsese will likely never direct a superhero or Star Wars movie. It’s not the kind of “art” he believes in (see: Martin Scorsese Clarifies Shade Thrown at Marvel Movies)

Seems like Patty Jenkins, IF you believe the rumors anyway, really likes working with Chris Pine and Gal Gadot. If you go back and look at how few movies Jenkins has made and see how many include Pine and Gadot, it’s like she is pulling an Adam Sandler and trying to make a home team movie cast.

Maybe she’s onto something smart?

Star Wars meets Top Gun sounds like a hugely exciting concept to base a project on, and by taking the action to the skies, Rogue Squadron will hopefully distance itself as far as possible from the Skywalker family tree. Lucasfilm has already confirmed that the movie will tell an all-new story not based on the classic video game of the same name, and insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Jenkins wants to recruit her Wonder Woman leads Gal Gadot and Chris Pine for her upcoming adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Patty Jenkins Reportedly Wants Gal Gadot And Chris Pine For Her Star Wars Movie

Granted this proposed idea sounds intriguing, I’m not sure Patty Jenkins should want Pine and Gadot in her movie. I know why she wants them, besides them both being good actors, they would bring instant name recognition to the project. I’m just not sure either of them fit the Star Wars type. Star Wars seems to do best when it plucks unknown actors and makes the story the star, instead of the star the story.

Sure, we got some name actors playing in Star Wars before. Alec Guinness was legendary in the original. Samuel Jackson in the prequels.

Also, is there a possibility people are worn out on Chris Pine in franchise movies? We already have Chris Pine in Wonder Woman and the upcoming sequel, Chris Pine in Star Trek, do we want to see Chris Pine in a Star Wars movie?

Jenkins might be making a very savvy casting move trying to lure Pine and Gadot into a galaxy far, far away. What do you think? Good ide, find other actors or wait and see if the movie is any good and then decide?

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