Another Terrible Idea: An LGBT Die Hard Remake – Please Don’t Be Serious

Die Hard ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Some ideas are stupid. No, really, it isn’t about whether or not you like or dislike LGBT movies. I happen to like some that I’ve seen and support seeing more.

But give us original stories. Don’t take existing stories we loved, recast them with sexes swapped and call that creativity. That’s just lazy gender swapping.

An LGBT Die Hard remake seems horribly misguided. I mean, mad props to Charlize Theron who probably could pull off the acting chops with no problems, if the underlying story is lame then, nothing else matters.

As you may’ve seen, the idea of Theron tackling a female-driven riff on Die Hard gathered some buzz on social media earlier this week, and the 45 year-old was more than onboard with the idea. Not only that, but former New Girl star Hannah Simone also threw her hat into the ring

Charlize Theron Supports Campaign For Her To Star In LGBT Die Hard Remake

Again, I’m all for an LGBT action film that explores new territory. We just don’t need to see a Diehard remake with the main characters sex changed. This is the kind of thinking that just loses again and again. Diehard wasn’t that long ago to even need a remake. And doing so without Bruce Willis as John McClane and Bonnie Bedelia as Holly would be silly.

There are so many, many great books that could be adapted into films. Some are very LGBT, so there’s your source material. Leave Diehard alone already. I’m tired of subpar Diehard sequels with Bruce Willis, why would I want to see Charlize Theron in the title role? You?

5 thoughts on “Another Terrible Idea: An LGBT Die Hard Remake – Please Don’t Be Serious

  1. A friend of mine was one of those test audiences for the original movie. He described it to me and said it was “the worst movie he’d ever seen.” Goes to show you…

    And no, I don’t think remaking this with LGBT themes is a good idea. I’d rather see that with Grease, and I hated that movie so that tells you something lol

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    1. I get the having more LGBT movies, I do. I just don’t see the logic in where wide audiences will want to see remakes of movies with non-LGBT characters having LGBT in the lead roles. Who thinks this is a great idea for mass market interest or even for artistic merits? I mean, there is no art in remaking a movie that is beloved and changing the main character’s sex. To me it’s like spray painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa and calling that a new painting.

      I really hope somebody from the LBGT community will explain how this is better than just making a new movie, one that might use Die Hard for inspiration, sure, and make that LBGT? I’d be interested in seeing that.

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