Peacock’s Freeview Begins December 10

Peacock is throwing their free subscribers a bone in December, sharing an original movie every week that is currently available for premium subscribers only.

Peacock’s free tier lets users stream certain episodes with no subscription cost, but most full seasons require Peacock Premium. But this month, the streamer is giving free access to a new Original series every week. Peacock’s weekly “Freeview” begins December 10 with critically acclaimed conspiracy thriller, The Capture, a BBC original.

Peacock is Streaming a New Original Every Week For Free in December | Cord Cutters News


  • December 10-16: The Capture
  • December 17-23: Five Bedrooms
  • December 24-30: Brave New World

Brave New World has been on my watchlist for some time. I keep saying I’m going to start watching it, but keep getting pulled in a different direction.

Any of these freeview titles of interest to you?


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