John le Carré Dead At 89

It’s been years since I’ve seen an adaptation of a John le Carre novel, but he’s a celebrated spy novel writer and, sadly, he is gone from this life. The bolding in the quote below is mine.

His real name was David John Moore Cornwell and le Carre was his pen name — but a celebrated name indeed.

His books include The Looking Glass War (1965), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1974), Smiley’s People (1979), The Little Drummer Girl (1983), The Night Manager (1993), The Tailor of Panama (1996), The Constant Gardener (2001), A Most Wanted Man (2008) and Our Kind of Traitor (2010), all of which have been adapted for film or television.

John le Carré – Wikipedia

I remember Alec Guinness’ performance as George Smiley the one of the adapted TV series, but haven’t seen it for years. I suspect we’ll see a resurgence in interest for le Carre’s work. Miniseries are fairly commonplace on streaming channels, so who knows.


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